chic /SHēk/ adjective: elegantly and stylishly fashionable

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Style is accessible to anyone, anywhere.

No two clients are alike and everyone has style needs that are uniquely personal.

Whether you are:

  • looking for a promotion,
  • searching for a new job,
  • a new mother who wants to rebuild her confidence,
  • an entrepreneur who is scaling your business, or
  • in need of something else entirely . . .

I am here to help!

I meet your specific needs through both one-on-one personal styling services and small group experiences. All of my services are offered in-person and virtually, meaning that we can partner together no matter where you live.

Learn more about how I can help you achieve your personal, professional and style goals.

Personal Styling

Your Chic is Showing offers comprehensive styling packages and services that are designed to make fashion and style accessible and meet the unique needs of every client.

Small Group Experiences

Small Group Experiences deliver focused programming in a small group setting and are designed to allow you to partner more closely with a personal stylist.

Take the stress out of getting dressed.

Tired of asking yourself “what should I wear” every single day? struggle ends now! Download your free copy of “5 Steps to Create a Style Uniform” and take the guess work out of getting dressed each day. These tips will make it easy to create a style uniform that is all your own. Never again will you stare into your closet and declare “I have nothing to wear!” Grab your copy now.

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Now you'll never have to struggle with "what should I wear" ever again! Follow these simple steps to create a style uniform that is all your own. 

Exceptional client outcomes are the top priority.

Your Chic is Showing proudly meets the unique needs of a diverse client base. The YCS client portfolio highlights just some of our client success.

Check out the YCS Client Portfolio

VIP style community that embraces, empowers and uplifts you.

All style. All the time.

Did you know that you can take advantage of Your Chic is Showing’s exclusive, VIP membership community, Style Insiders? This membership program is designed to deliver style advice and insights, as well as uplift and empower members of the Style Insider community. Whether you’re a fashion newbie or long-time enthusiast this program is for you.

Do you. Be you. Love you.

Learn more about how to join Style Insiders.

Expert advice to help you elevate your style.

Your Chic is Showing is home to an award-winning blog that covers a variety of fashion and lifestyle topics for all to enjoy. Check out our latest blog posts and download helpful content!

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Founded in 2013, Your Chic is Showing is a renowned personal styling and fashion education organization based out of Baltimore, MD.

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