chic /SHēk/ adjective: elegantly and stylishly fashionable

Cultivating confidence through fashion and style.

About Your Chic is Showing

I started Your Chic is Showing, LLC (YCS) to help my clients elevate their personal style and build their confidence. YCS makes personal styling accessible to clients through a variety of services including styling and shopping, educational courses, eBooks, and an award-winning blog. My goal is to provide a unique, elegant and chic experience to each of my clients by delivering exceptional service.

Erika Cartledge, Founder, Your Chic is Showing

Your Chic is Showing offers a variety of personal styling, hourly, and stylist on-call services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our services are offered both in-person and virtually, making personal styling accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Learn more about personal styling, hourly, and stylist on-call services.

Fashion Education

Your Chic is Showing clients can be educated about fashion and personal style in a number of ways. Beyond one-on-one services, YCS provides a number of educational opportunities through online and in-person workshops and events, on-demand classes, a eBooks.

Award-Winning Blog

Your Chic is Showing is home to the award-winning blog of the same name. The YCS blog covers a variety of fashion and lifestyle topics for all to enjoy. Check out our latest blog post!

Founded in 2013, Your Chic is Showing is a renowned personal styling and fashion education organization based out of Baltimore, MD.

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I feel so educated, refreshed and confident after my style therapy session. Erika made sure that I understood what she was talking about and she provided feedback in a way to encourage me and not make me feel bad about my current style. This was just what I needed!

Tracey B.

[I] absolutely appreciate the last minute help and attention to detail! Also working with my vision for the photo session, that is such an awesome quality and I love working with people who can see the big picture and run with it!!

Jennifer W.