chic /SHēk/ adjective: elegantly and
stylishly fashionable

It’s not about finding the “new” you; it’s about elevating the REAL you.

Ready to join the 7 Day Style Reset?

The “7 Day Style Reset” is designed to take the mystery out of having and owning your style. Over the course of one week we will walk through a style refresh designed to help you determine your style goals, identify your style persona, detox your closet and visualize your wardrobe in a new way. Are you in?


Your Chic is Showing offers a variety of styling services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From one-on-one services to small group experiences, our services are offered both in-person and virtually, making personal styling accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Ready to meet your style needs.

Portfolio + Testimonials

Your Chic is Showing proudly meets the unique needs of a diverse client base. The YCS client portfolio and testimonials highlights just some of our client success stories.

Sharing client success stories.

Award-Winning Blog

Your Chic is Showing is home to the award-winning blog of the same name. The YCS blog covers a variety of fashion and lifestyle topics for all to enjoy. Check out our latest blog post!

Providing valuable insight and education.

Founded in 2013, Your Chic is Showing is a renowned personal styling and fashion education organization based out of Baltimore, MD.

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