Welcome to Your Chic is Showing!

I created this blog to focus on two things I love – fashion and events.

From a fashion standpoint, I found that many of the fashion and style blogs that I love (and I read a LOT of fashion blogs) often featured clothing that a) didn’t fit my lifestyle as someone who works in the finance industry, b) was completely out of my budget (yes, I have some designer pieces but I have no interest in racking up credit card debt or taking out a 2nd mortgage to get my hands on the latest styles) or c) didn’t quite speak to my evolving style (read: it was too young, too old, looked too “contrived” or like I didn’t try at all).  Therefore, I decided that I would focus on filling the void that I found and created a blog that would help young, up and coming professional women figure out how their style can grow and evolve while they do.

From an event standpoint, I’m always looking high and low for tips and tricks to make any event (be it a girls dinner at my house, my annual summer soiree’ or a fundraiser for a non-profit I care about) feel a little more personal and special.  Through the years I have had some hits (and misses) and come across some wonderful ideas for those small, personalized touches.  What better place to share my ideas and hear some of yours?!

Without further adieu, I want to welcome you to Your Chic is Showing, where chic never goes out of style.