Flashback Friday (from Chasing Joy)

Chasing Joy has a great idea at her blog to participate in Flashback Friday’s.  From her site:

Flashback Friday is where we Flashback to our older blog posts and link up! You can also post a link to your Flashback post on the Chasing Joy Facebook Page. Flashback Friday is a great way to rediscover our earlier works and discover some new blogs. Just pick out your link and add it below. Use hashtags #FBF or #FlashbackFriday on twitter to advertise your Flashback post.

What a great idea!  I’ve been blogging for almost four years and sometimes I forget what good content I have on my other, older blogs.  What a great way to reminisce and “chase joy” in the fashion world.

People often think that my love of fashion and style is a vain pursuit.  However, for me, when I look my best I feel my best.  And, when I feel my best, I do my best.  This post I’m sharing is a reminder of that.  Four years ago, I was at rock bottom after an especially devastating break-up (that break-up is the reason I even started blogging) and fashion was the only thing that could pull me through for a little while.  Looking pulled together was as close to feeling pulled together as I could get.  No, four years later, I can look back and say I’m not the girl I once was.  But my love for fashion has remained the same.  I don’t chase joy by wearing designer labels, the hottest runway looks or the most expensive clothing I can find.  I chase joy by wearing clothes that make me look and, more importantly, feel good.  There is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward.  We can all find joy in that!

Take a moment to enjoy my Flashback and check out the other’s over at Chasing Joy!

Flashback Friday:

Don’t Wear Your Break-Up Out Into the World . . . Wear Something Fabulous Instead!  (August 25, 2008; from Barbie’s Dream House)

“Every time you step outside, you should make an effort to reflect the person you are on your way to becoming, not the shell of the shattered woman he dumped.”
“It’s Called a Break-Up Because It’s Broken”

Every girl should have a “go-to” outfit. I have five.

How do I know? Well, when Ken (actually, Voldy in this case) broke my little Barbie heart, I went into autopilot for the first week. My mind was swimming, my insides were in turmoil and my shattered heart was still rattling around inside my body. There was too much going on inside of me to give more than a half-second thought to the outside. I needed my fiercest “go-to” outfits to survive my first week as a single Barbie.

Ladies, launching into autopilot mode is a surefire way to spend the first few days after a break-up in your comfiest sweats and biggest t-shirts. Why? Because, you are in autopilot. You are so engrossed in what’s going on in your head – sorting out the feelings of despair, bewilderment, desperation, abandonment, heartache, guilt, sadness, and overall suckiness – that you really don’t have time, or a desire, to focus on anything else, especially your clothes. So I understand girls (trust me, I understand) that it is EASY to put on the first thing you pull out of your closet and let the outer you reflect the inner turmoil.

But, suppose for a second that you have one outfit that you can wear to the office, grocery store, drug store, Hagen Daz shop or wherever(!) that you know makes you look good. It could be your most flattering pair of black pants, your best fitting cardigan sweater or a fierce pair of earrings in your jewelry box. The point is that no matter when you wear it, where you wear it, or how often you wear it you always get compliment or two, or ten. THAT outfit is what I want you to pull out of your closet and wear during your first few days of heartbreak. And, I want your hair combed, your make-up done and your nails filed – “there will be no lazy smurfs in my camp!” (Thanks Laurie Ann). And then, I want you to pull out your second best outfit, and then your third best, and so on and so forth. Pretty soon, you’ll realize that you made it through your first week after the break-up looking fly as hell! I know I did. Everyday at work that first, disastrous week I got complimented on my appearance – and most people didn’t even know that I wasn’t doing anything but thinking about Voldy and how he crushed my dream(house). It’s a good feeling to know that even in the worst of times, you can put on your game face and make it in the real world (if only for a few hours at a time).

I know your next question – what if I don’t have a “go-to” outfit? I’m here to help you get one. It only takes a free afternoon, a full-length mirror and a daring attitude.

  1. Go into your closet and pull out the outfits you wear the most. Why do you wear them often? Is it the fit of the clothing? The style? The shape? Are they jeans or slacks? Sweaters or tanks? Dark or light? Preppy or skater? Casual or dressy? You get the picture. Really reflect on the clothing that makes up your style.
  2. Pull out the outfits you get complimented on the most? Are they the same as the clothes you wear the most? Why or why not? Why do you think people compliment you? The shape, the style, the fit? Are they dress clothes because you always don jeans? Or jeans because you are usually overdressed for the occasion? Reflect on what’s so special about these outfits.
  3. Play dress up! Try on combinations of your most worn and most complimented outfits. Add a fun accessory to your get-up. Pull something out you’ve only worn once. Try wearing a standard piece of clothing with a little twist (a belted cardigan, a scarf around your waist, a pretty brooch as a hair accessory). The point is to play around and come up with combinations you’ve never thought of. Chances are you’ll come up with combinations that you’ve never thought of that look fffiiieeerrccceee (waving my finger around a la Tyra on Top Model). But you’ll never know unless you try.
  4. Give your outfits a test run. You’ll never know if you have a “go-to” outfit on your hands unless you try it on your adoring public. Wear one of your outfits to work or your next social event, to the store – I don’t care where, just wear it! See if people look at you crazy (sadly, this sometimes happens) or if people compliment you on your fashion sense. If your outfit’s a winner make a promise to yourself to keep it in your rotation – and follow through. If you didn’t get the warm fashion reception you were expecting – keep it moving and try again next time.

So, my fellow fashionistas, what is your “go-to” outfit? How did it make it into the rotation? Do you have more than one? Tell me all about your “go-to” gear!

Fabulous Fashonista Barbie

Disclaimer: If you aren’t recently single (i.e. dumped/broken-up/etc.), you STILL should have a “go-to” outfit – or five! So march to that closet and start trying clothes on. Now.

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday (from Chasing Joy)

  1. this makes so much sense, Its been a while since I’ve had a break-up (knock on wood) but that was one thing that kept me sane, was never letting my outside match my inside! What a difference a beautiful appearance does to your brain! Compliments will always make you smile, making you forget even for a hot minute that it was a frown moments before. I hope since you’ve started your blog you’ve gotten a glimpse at your dream(house) again! I’m off to find my go to outfits!

    Stopping by from Chasing Joy’s FBF 🙂

    1. Welcome!!! I have had a glimpse at the Dream House and I’m working to build it one brick at a time! I know it takes longer to build a house on a solid foundation. So, I’ll spend my time looking fabulous while the dream house is being built!!

      Thank you for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger!

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