Philly Fashion Files: The Series

Whether it is it’s sheer proximity to New York or the simple fact that it isn’t LA, my (adopted) hometown of Philadelphia often gets overlooked as a fashion hub in the US. But the truth is, Philadelphia has style. From up and coming designers to stylists to boutique shops to major fashion events, Philly has it all.

For far too long, the creativity of Philadelphia’s fashionistas has been ignored and the legitimacy of Philly’s fashion houses has not been appreciated. Whether you’re traipsing through Olde City, Fairmont Park, the Main Line or Northern Liberties – Philadelphians are putting in WERK.

Philly Fashion Files covers all things Philadelphia fashion and style. We will share behind the scenes information about the hottest fashion events in Philly, like 17 Days of Fashion, get you exclusive interviews with Philadelphia’s own fashion leaders, like celebrity stylist Anthony Henderson, and keep you up-to-date with Philly’s hottest fashion shows and annual events, like “Stomp the Runway.”

You’ll want to stick with us for all the latest coverage of Philly’s fashion scene.


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