Just One Thing: Archie Grand Notebooks

“It’s just one thing that got me trippin'” – Amerie, “Just One Thing”


At any given time there might be three notebooks in my purse. I just have this crazy thing for cute, fun, quirky or stylish notebooks. I’m always jotting things down for work, from church, for Your Chic is Showing or while reading magazines. I even keep notebooks on my nightstand in case a fit of inspiration hits in the middle of the night (it doesn’t; just random thoughts about whatever I need to get done the next day).


One of my favorite notebooks is an Archie Grand notebook I received from my fellow blogger and bestie over at Hits, Misses and Fixes. At Christmas she bestowed upon me this adorable robin’s egg blue notebook. The color and size are perfect, but my favorite part is the phrase “Jetsetters I Met and Liked” printed across the cover. It was especially appropriate because I was due to jet set to Europe just a few weeks later. I use this book daily as a journal and to take sermon notes at church. It’s sleek design is sophisticated and it’s manageable size means it easily fits into my various purses and handbags.


Archie Grand has a fabulous collection of notebooks and other products available in stores and on their website. They make fabulous gifts for others or yourself – I’ve ordered about 3 more! Check out the site and order yours today!


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5 thoughts on “Just One Thing: Archie Grand Notebooks

  1. You know I LOVE a good notebook as well, especially my “Writers I met and liked” one (but that one is completely filled up now and into my notebook box lol). There’s something about writing in a notebook that can’t be duplicated. Sure I have my smartphone and I could carry around my little netbook if I wanted to, but I’d rather just have pen and paper sometimes.

    Plus, like you said – it’s certainly beneficial when I have little fits of inspiration randomly. I’m that person that writes in the Metro at 2 AM after bar hopping on U Street, and little notebooks certainly help that process because you don’t have to pull out the big daddy notebook and look like you’re studying for a test lol.

    1. Had a wicked visual of you pulling out a big daddy notebook, lol. But I totally agree – it’s so much easier to discretely pull it out. And faster than waiting for my tablet or netbook to boot up! I’m the worst though b/c I different notebooks for different topics, so I still end up carrying around like 50! There are 2 and a tablet computer in my purse right now! For shame!

      1. Oh I totally do the same thing! (clearly, birds of a feather…). I definitely have 3 in my purse right now and this Tori Spelling book I’m reading on the train lolololol. Hilarious.

  2. I’ll definitely check these out. I also have this weird obsession with notebooks. I remember every school year I would stock up for no reason, lol! These are so cute!

    1. I seriously adore them! I just cleaned my 2nd bedroom and made all this room for new notebooks!! Lol

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