Just One Thing: Leopard Print Belt

“It’s just one thing that’s got me – Amerie, “Just One Thing”

As I have mentioned before, I am naturally high waisted and I often times find myself belting clothes at the waist. Doing so gives me more of a shape and also provide the opportunity to wear a cute accessory.

Often, I find myself drawn to my skinny, leopard print belt. I love this belt because leopard print acts as a neutral color. How? Well, neutrals (black, white, tan, etc.) serve as equalizers in our wardrobes. This means that you can pair a neutral with any color and it will match that color and stabilize your look.


This also works with animal prints, specifically leopard and zebra. If, you do not go overboard you can pair a leopard print with just about any color under the sun. In addition to rocking my belt with black and white, I find myself wearing it with red, teal, hot pink, and neon yellow.

The key is not to over do the animal print. Which is why I LOVE this belt. Wearing it on my waist makes it the center of attention, so I fan everything out from there. Rarely, if ever, will I wear another leopard print item if I’m wearing the belt. I keep all of my other accessories neutral (black and tan work best) and let the belt speak for itself.


I suggest that if you’re a newbie to rocking an animal print try it in a minimal way – like a skinny belt, bracelet or ballet flat. As you grow more confident you can expand to bags or even dresses.

How are you rocking animal print these days?

Your Chic is Showing,

One thought on “Just One Thing: Leopard Print Belt

  1. Cayute!!!! No surprise here, but I tend to rock my animal prints in my shoes. I have a pair of leopard pumps with red embellishments, a pair of regular colored (the black, tan, white combo) leopard flats and then a pair of fun hot-pink leopard print flats.

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