Signature Style Series: The White T-Shirt with a Suit

“I’ve always thought of the t-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” – Giorgio Armani

You may not think of a white t-shirt (especially one as casual as the Old Navy Vintage-Style tee used for this series) as something that can be worn with business attire or under a suit. However, I find myself wearing a white t-shirt to the office at least once a week. Just because it is a t-shirt does not mean it is not office appropriate. If dressed-up and styled appropriately a white t-shirt can easily be worn dressed-up.

Look 1:Business Casual Cropped Suit

Suit 1
Blazer and T-shirt: Old Navy; Cropped Pants: Dress Barn; Shoes: Elie Tahari

The white t-shirt is paired with a pair of cropped pants and a blazer with rolled sleeves.

Suit 1 + Scarf
Scarf: H&M (purchased in London); Earrings: My own

It is accessorized with a printed scarf and black and gold jewelry. The beautiful pattern on the scarf means that the rest of the ensemble and accessories can remain relatively simple.

Suit 1 + Accessories
Watch: Charming Charlies; Ring: H&M; Bracelets: Avenue; Scarf: H&M (purchased in London)

Look 2: Formal Business Pant Suit

Suit 2
Jacket and Pants: Worthington; T-Shirt: Old Navy; Shoes: Nine West; Bag: La Bagagerie

This time around, the white t-shirt is accessorized with a traditional black pant-suit and Nine West snake skin (faux) heels.

Suit 2 + Accessories
Necklace: Chanel; Earrings: my own; Ring: H&M

A simple pearl necklace and earrings complete this simple, classic look.

How do you wear your white t-shirts with a suit, or dressed-up in general? Please share!

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Photo credits: CoraStar Productions

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