Just One Thing: Jewelry Travel Case by Thirty-One

“It’s just one thing that got me trippin’!” – Amerie, “Just One Thing”


Anyone who knows me knows that I fancy myself a jet setter (however true or not true that may be). And, one of the #jetsetterproblems I always faced was packing my jewelry in an organized and neat fashion. Admittedly, I pack at the last possible second and that usually means that my jewelry gets tossed into whatever case or ziplock bag I can find.


That is, until someone gifted me this adorable jewelry travel case by Thirty-One. The case comes with two small pouches to store smaller pieces (I use them for earrings and rings – which I’m always loosing) and two zippered sides for larger pieces (think bracelets or necklaces). I especially love this piece because it can be laid flat or folded in your suitcase – perfect for creative packers like myself!


This adorable piece comes in a variety of patterns and can be ordered from Thirty One Gifts online. Now, none of us has an excuse to toss our jewelry haphazardly in our suitcases when we’re jet setting around the world!

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2 thoughts on “Just One Thing: Jewelry Travel Case by Thirty-One

  1. LOL, thats what I have used…I have this really small jewelry box that i sometimes bring but I’ve also been using a regular quart size or gallon size ziploc bag, cause it can lie flat and its clear so I can locate my jewelry…I actually know someone that sells stuff through 31 and I didn’t think I needed anything from there, but now I might just take a peek at all their stuff 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

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