Signature Style Series: The White T-Shirt with Jeans

“I’ve always thought of the t-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” – Giorgio Armani

I often get labeled as a girl who a) always wears dresses (somewhat true), b) never dresses casually (completely false) or c) doesn’t own any jeans (that’s my daddy, not me).

The truth is, I have a closet full of jeans. Probably more than I need. And, the thing I love about the classic combo of jeans and a white t-shirt is that you can go super, super casual, way dressy or somewhere in between. A simple, classic way to rock jeans and a white tee is to simply throw on a black stiletto a red lip and head out the door. Here are three other ways you can rock your jeans and white tee.

The first outfit has been featured on here before (What to Wear: Lunch Date) but it bears sharing again. Boot cut jeans, a white tee, and a blazer to add instant chic. Pile on the baubles, throw on a stiletto and ready to meet your girls for drinks or Mr. Right (or right now) for dinner.

Jeans, t-Shirt and Blazer
Jeans: Lane Bryant; T-Shirt: Old Navy; Blazer: Dress Barn; Shoes: Aldo; Handbag: my own; Necklaces: Chanel + my own; Ring: H&M; Earrings: my own

The second outfit is a nod to the 70’s revival that fashion is experiencing lately. The white t-shirt tucked into a flared jean gives an instant retro feel. Pair the outfit with a woven belt, platform shoe and vintage shades if you want to throw it all the way back to the 70’s.

Vintage style jeans and tee
Jeans: Gap; T-Shirt: Old Navy; Belt and Sunglasses: my own; Earrings: So Good Jewelry; Bracelets: Target

The last outfit is super casual and great for running errands on the weekend, strolling down the boardwalk or having a picnic in the park. The tee is paired with boyfriend jeans (don’t have them? Get a pair of regular jeans that are a little loose and roll the bottoms for the same effect), casual sandals and my trusty fedoras. That’s it. It really doesn’t get more simple than that.

White tee and boyfriend jeans
Jeans: Lane Bryant; T-Shirt: Old Navy; Hats: my own; Sandals: Payless

So, how are you guys rocking your white tees and jeans? Share with us!

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4 thoughts on “Signature Style Series: The White T-Shirt with Jeans

  1. How funny – I definitely have on an embellished white Michael Kors t-shirt, trouser jeans, cardigan, and heels today. I must have known you were going to discuss the jeans and white tshirt look on the blog today haha

    1. Yeah. You probably used your ESPN or something! I crack myself up! Snap a pic and send it in. I’d love to see how you show your chic!

      1. darn! Just seeing this… but I’ll be sure to take a pic next time lol (my ESPN must not have been working that well….)

  2. Last year I had lost a good bit of weight. so my size 16 jeans fit me loose but with my hips they stayed up with a belt…I’ve always rolled up my jeans because I’m really short and I’ve always like the look (really I’m cheap and do not want to go get them hemmed LOL) and someone told me hey cute boyfriend jeans, they were my old boot cut jeans that I just rolled up….Love that look; I am a jeans and tshirt gal…throw on flats or a cute pair of pumps with a blazer and fun accessories…BAM ready without going crazy to do it 🙂

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