Just One Thing: Gartner Studios Invitations

“It’s just one thing that got me trippin’!” – Amerie, “Just One Thing”

Personally, I love sending (and receiving) printed invitations to parties and events. Yes, Evite is cool and Paperless Post is even better, but, there is something about opening up an envelope with an invitation that makes me (and hopefully others) feel special.


I send my fair share of Evite and Paperless Post invitations. Let’s be real, it surely is fast and convenient. However, for my annual summer soirée I always send out printed invitations. People often believe that I have the invitations professionally printed. And while that would be nice, I’d rather spend that money on shoes. Each year, I purchase an invitation kit and print my invitations at home.


One of my favorite brands for invitations is Gartner Studios. They offer a variety of sizes, counts and designs. They also offer online templates for layout and wording for your invitation. Using Gartner Studios’ templates is so simple it’s positively sinful. Gartner Studios provides quality paper stock and has yet to disappoint me. The best part? Complete invitation kits are reasonably priced ($19.99 and up)!


The next time you throw an event consider taking a little extra time and mailing invitations. And make sure you add me to the guest list 😉

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