Men’s Style: Through the Looking Glass

Hey guys (and dolls)! Today I have a special treat! Our Men’s Style Contributor Donte, from Visions of a V.I.P, has shared his first guest post with us! It’s all about his style accessory at this summers hottest events – day/rooftop/pool parties. Gentlemen, take note and add this accessory to your wardrobe ASAP. And ladies, if you really love your man, cop this for him. And if you’re single, cop them for yourself! Thanks Donte for helping us step up our summertime fly!

Your Chic is Showing,


Summertime for me means that every other weekend someone is having a day party, a pool party, or a rooftop party. Accordingly, I’ve been invited to a daytime / rooftop / pool party this weekend to celebrate three of my frat brothers’ birthdays. You would think that the first thing I would pack is swim trunks. Not so much. Despite this being a pool party, my essential item has nothing to do with swimming, it has everything to do with what goes on outside the pool. I mean, most people don’t go swimming at pool parties anyway right? My must have item for any pool party or day party is actually sunglasses.

There are several reasons why sunglasses are essential for me at these types of parties. I’ll give you my top three:

1. They make me feel great
I’ll admit that I don’t have many accessories in my wardrobe (hey, I’m working on it), so this is an opportunity to wear one of the few that I do have. Whenever I put on sunglasses, I feel like I instantly go from mild mannered to rock star. With fashion, my belief is that anything that makes us feel good is a win, so if glasses make me feel great then my confidence is on another level when I’m strolling through the party. There is nothing more attractive than a confident man right?


2. They hide what lies beneath
B.o.B. said it best in his song lyric “you can’t see past my shades”. People tell me all the time that I am out of control when it comes to my facial expressions and side eyes. I guess I can’t help it. It also never fails that there will be plenty of side eye material at a day party, rooftop party, or pool party, because there is so much inappropriate activity going on. Therefore, it’s in my best interest to wear sunglasses so that I don’t offend anyone by giving them the dirtiest of looks when they look or act a fool. I’m just doing my part people.

3. When else could I do this?
My friends and I often give side eyes (see #2) to people who wear sunglasses in the club, at a house party, or at night time. If it’s already dark then there is no need for that. You’re likely just doing the absolute most and unknowingly coming off as foolish. To the contrary, daytime parties, pool parties, and rooftop parties are the most appropriate places to wear sunglasses so you best believe I’m not passing up that opportunity!

So what are some of your essential items for a daytime, rooftop, or pool party? What’s that one thing that can make you feel your flyest? Let me know what you think!

6 thoughts on “Men’s Style: Through the Looking Glass

  1. Yes, sunglasses. Its funny I just organized my shades so I can see them all in one place a few weeks ago. I hate the style that my boyfriend gravitates towards, I think it makes him look like the “I’ll be back” Arnold look from Terminator movies. I finally got him to purchase a pair of aviators which make him look hot, in my opinion, but he wore them a few times and bought another pair that was “different” but the same bloody style :/ I’d like to buy him a really nice pair of aviators but think it’ll be a waste of time :/ Any advice?

    1. If Donte’s suggestion doesn’t work, why don’t you try introducing a pair that is neither of your styles (like some of the fly atheltic Oakley’s I’ve been seeing)? It’ll be out of both of your comfort zones.

      Also, when I’m shopping with men, I find it helpful to have him try stuff on in front of other girls to compliment him. If he thinks other women think he looks hot he’ll be much more likely to buy. In my opinion anyway.

  2. The “I’ll be back” comment is hilarious! lol. As much as I love aviators, they probably aren’t the style of glasses that typically become the “go to” pair. They tend to work better when you’re trying to be a little more flashy as they draw more attention than the other styles. At least you got him to wear them a couple of times. If he’s a person that likes to wear more color rather than neutrals, the aviators will look great, so maybe you can push for that. If you can get him to be more adventurous with the clothes and color combinations, then maybe you can get him to see the glasses are the icing on the cake. Hopefully he’s not too stubborn to give it a try.

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