YCS Fashion Challenge: September/October

Hey kids! I know, it’s been far too long, but I’m back to our regularly scheduled program!

So, first things first – how did you do with your YCS Fashion Challenge for August? We you able to rock a new outfit each and every day? I was, with lots of success. And it FORCED me to mix and match and pull things out of my closet that hadn’t seen the light of day in ages. It also made me realize I need to toss out a thing or two or five.

For our next challenge I’m going to span it over two months. Here’s why – some of it involves fall clothing, and if where you live is anything like Philly then it is too darn hot to be pulling out fabulous sweaters and things. I realize this, so I’m going to give us 60 days to complete the challenge. You won’t have to rock a new outfit every day. And, in fact, there are some days that you can take the challenge off (but I hope not too many!). Also, feel free to repeat the challenge items as often as you’d like in a new and fun way.

Remember to tweet (@urchicisshowing), instagram (@yourchicisshowing) and facebook (http://www.facebook.com/yourchicisshwoing) your challenge photos and to always use the hashtag #ycsfashionchallenge!

Without further adieu, here is your September/October YCS Fashion Challenge:

  1. Transition a summer piece to fall.
  2. Rock a brightly colored blazer or jean.
  3. Find a way to add neon to your outfit.
  4. Mix and match patterns (at least 2, bonus points for more!).
  5. Wear something traditional in a new way.
  6. Try 3 fall nail trends (here’s are cheat sheets from Harper’s Bazaar and Elle).
  7. Wear one of the fall “it” colors in a monochromatic (or as close as you can get) or bold way: Red, Burgundy/Wine, white/cream, pale grey.
  8. Wear a chunky/cozy sweater (a season must-have) with something unexpected.
  9. Add a hat to your outfit
  10. Wear a “grown-up” outfit inspired by the suits and perfect tailoring that hit the runways.

All right, you’ve got your marching orders! Now get to steppin’! And don’t forget to share your looks!

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  1. Now this challenge, I actually might be able to participate in. I’ll be sure to document my results 🙂

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