Make-Up Moves: Parts of the Eye

Parts of the eye tutorial

Hello loves!  We’ve got another piece from our Corporate Beauty and make-up contributor, Torrey, about how to identify the parts of your eye.  She also shares the best colors to use on the various parts of the eye.  With this tutorial it will make applying fabulous eye make-up a breeze!  Enjoy!

Your Chic is Showing,

Parts of the eye tutorial

Parts of the Eye: lid, crease, outer v, brow highlight, tear duct (inner corner highlight), tightline, waterline, lash line

The Lid: The lid is where base color is applied. It can have multiple colors on lid, but, for basic application, use one.

The Crease: The crease is where “bridge” or “transition” color goes to gradually fade the lid color to highlight color. A skin-tone color does not always have to be used as a “transition color.”   You can also add a second color in the crease slightly below your “transition” color.

The Outer V: The outer v is where a darker color is placed to add depth or create a smokier effect. Keep the color right here, but, blend into the lid and slightly in with the crease color.

The Brow Highlight: the brow highlight is placed at the highest point of the brow and blended over and down into crease color for a smooth transition.

The Tear Duct: The tear duct highlight is applied then it is blended slightly onto lower lashline and slighty into lid color.

The Tightline: The tightline is the pink area right underneath your upper lashes. Tightlining makes your upper lashes appear thicker it’s sometimes difficult to get your liner applied here; so, unless you’re comfortable you can try a different trick I’ll discuss later.

The Waterline: The waterline is the pink area right next to your lower lashes that is closest to your eyeball. When lining, don’t go too far in, or you’ll apply liner to the wrong part and will end up with tears! To get your tightline lined, an easy trick is to line your waterline, then close your eyes really tight. This will cause the liner to transfer. The reason for lining the waterline is to open up or close the eye, depending on which color is used. Using a light color, such as a flesh-tone color, the eyes will appear wider and brighter and will open them up more. Using a dark liner like black, will slightly close your eye, making it appear more sultry. You don’t want to use a liquid liner here, it won’t stay and will irritate your eyes. Stick with pencil or a gel formula.

The Lashline: The lashline is simple; it’s just the area right above your upper lashes. Here is where you’ll apply your gel, cream, liquid, or pencil liner.