February 2013 Fashion Challenge

Well, we’ve counted down the top trends to look out for during the first half of this year (2013 Trends to Watch) and we’ve vowed to step outside of our comfort zone (2013 Fashion Resolutions.  There is only one thing left to do.  Conquer our fears and step outside of our comfort zone for our next Fashion Challenge.

Your February 2013 Fashion Challenge: Try one new look, trend or outfit that is outside of your comfort zone.  And don’t feel bad; I have to do it too!  This is one pattern averse girl (with a few exceptions) so my focus is going to be on figuring out how I can pattern mix in a less wimpy way.

You know the rules:

  1. Snap your pic
  2. Share it with us on Instagram (@YourChicisShowing), Twitter (@urchicisshowing), Facebook (www.facebook.com/yourchicisshowing) or via email (info@yourchicisshowing.com).
  3. Use the hashtag #ycsfashionchallenge so that everyone will be able to see your fabulous outfits!
  4. Let your chic show!

If you need a refresher on what’s hot, review our 2013 Trends post linked above, scour your favorite magazines or check out the inspired looks and ads I found hunting through my Elle, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Glamour and Cosmo magazines.


As always we’ll be checking in and sharing reader photos.  So start thinking outside the box and snapping away!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika