Thirteen in ’13 . . . ReDeux

If there is one thing we are about here on YCS, it is about living chicly and fabulously throughout every aspect of life.  And while that certainly pertains to clothing and entertaining, it also seeps into other areas of our lives.  Basically, a happy life is a fabulous life.  Style is something that develops on the inside.  What we wear is only the outward expression of how we feel.  When I feel good, I look good.  Yes, nice clothes, shoes, bags and “things” make me look good.  However, they in no way shape how I feel on the inside.  Making sure I’m happy and healthy is up to me.  It is my responsibility.  (Side note: One of the reasons I love Chasing Joy is because the author, and my friend, takes responsibility for seeking out joy and things that make her happy.  She doesn’t rely on anyone else.  I LOVE that attitude!)

It is a responsibility I take very seriously.  For the past five years, my friends and I have created a list of goals we want to accomplish during that 365 day period (i.e. Nine in ’09, Ten in ’10, etc.).  I touched on it here when I listed out the “Thirteen in ‘13” for YCS.  Today, I’m sharing with you all my personal Thirteen in ’13.  A list of 13 goals I’ve personally set for myself to accomplish in 2013.  I know it’s February and I’m a tad late in posting this, but, rest assured, I have been working on these since January 1.  The reason that I choose to share them publicly (which I’ve been doing since the inception of this idea) is because it makes me accountable.  People arealways asking me what my goals are and how I’m doing.  In fact, one of my old bosses gets an update on my goals every time we have lunch together.  Yes, it’s that serious.  I want to accomplish these goals and accountability is half the battle.

So how does this thing actually work?  Well it’s simple.  You come up with a list of 12 things you want to accomplish in 2013.  It could something serious or not so much.  I try to keep a mix of both.  For your 13th and final goal, you ask someone else to pick it for you.  This year, I asked my homegirl SEA to do the honors.  She and I have known each other since we were 14 (that’s a long time for anyone trying to do the math).  I loved her suggestion (which you’ll see below) because it was totally outside the realm of anything I was thinking.  AND, it benefits YCS!

Sound like something you want to do?  Well, lucky for you, we have a Facebook group for anyone who wants to join in the fun (and yes, it really is fun)!  We post updates, share tips and ideas and encourage one another along the way.  All you need to do is send an e-mail  I will correspond with you and we’ll get you added to the group.  It’s easy!  Really, everything in life should be so simple!  I will also create a Thirteen in ’13 page so you can keep track of how I’m doing and check-in on your own goals along the way.

I know this is a change of pace from our regular posts – but, hey, we can do that around here!  I hope you’ll consider joining our Thirteen in ’13 challenge!  Let me know what you think of my list below.  And of course, if you have suggestions send them along!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

Thirteen in ‘13

  1. Complete 21-day Daniel Fast in January and then do the Daniel fast for 1 week each remaining month – I did the Daniel Fast in January, which is part of why I didn’t post this sooner.  I’m not going to announce to the whole world “hey, look at me, I’m fasting.”  I did it for spiritual reasons and to gain clarity on some situations.  I did NOT do it as a diet or a means to lose weight.  I want to continue to have the same clarity and maintain my connection with God which is why I’m choosing to continue it one week for each moth.
  2. Work out 4 days per week – No excuses!  I have to just do it!
  3. Take 10,000 steps per day – Do you realize how difficult this actually is?  Well, if you live/work in the city, maybe not so difficult.  But I live/work in suburbia and we drive EVERYWHERE.  I find myself walking circles on conference calls (yay cordless headsets), marching in place while cooking or even doing laps around my dining room just to get there.  This is much more difficult than you’d think.  But it’s good for you.
  4. Raise $1000 for Relay for Life – Some of you who have been on this journey with me will remember that one of my Eleven in ’11 was to raise $2300 and participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure.  And, you’ll also remember that I kicked that fundraising goal’s (and the 60 miles) arse!  This year, I’m focusing my efforts on the Upper Merion Relay for Life sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  I was able to raise almost $4000, so I hope that my friends and family will once again show up and show out in support of this event.
  5. Replenish my emergency savings – we all have an emergency savings for emergencies.  Last year, I found myself unemployed for a period of time and needed to dip into that savings.  I now need to work on rebuilding that.  You’re supposed to have 3 months of expenses in your emergency savings, so I’ve got a bit of work to do.
  6. Participate in five runs/walks (i.e. Diva Dash, Race for the Cure, etc.) and improve my time with each race (where applicable) – last year, my goal was to complete a half marathon and I did that.  I have no desire to run that distance again, but I did develop a love (well, more like a strong like) for running.  So I want to keep racing but for shorter distances.
  7. Create a shopping budget and stick to it – anyone who knows me knows I’m pretty retentive about my budget (you can blame my dad whose first budget for me had me budgeting within an inch of my life).  The one area I always blow it though is shopping.  Curvy CEO mentioned in a post that a shopping budget should be 4% (or less) of your take home pay (cue blood curdling scream here).  Actually, that can add up pretty quickly if I saved it.  So, that’s what I’m going to do.  Start socking it away so that I don’t feel guilty every time I pick up a pair of new Chloe sunglasses.
  8. Read one new book per month – I love to read.  This would probably happen anyway but I put it on here just to make sure.
  9. Host four parties/get togethers with girlfriends only – I love the boys.  I do.  But I want to be a better girlfriend to my female friends.  And since I LOVE having events at my house, this seems like a no brainer.
  10. Take 3-4 weekend road trips (my usual haunts like DC and NYC don’t count) – I think I’m going to change this to weekend trips, lol.  Only because I’ve already got a few in the works but they require flights.  It doesn’t matter, though.  The point is for me to get out and explore and do something fun.  I’m also committing to making one of these trips a solo trip.  I love my friends, but I adore traveling alone.
  11. Redecorate my 2nd bedroom – this is a carry-over from last year.  There really is no reason this isn’t done yet.  It’s too fabulous a space to simply hold storage and crap.
  12. Spend 3 hours each week completely unplugged (no cell phone, internet, TV, etc.); it’s OK to split it up (i.e. in 1 hour increments) – I find myself wired-up and plugged in all the time.  If you follow me on facebook, Instagram or Twitter you know what I mean.  I’m also plugged into work.  The first thing I do when I get up is check email.  I need to stop that.  I need to relax, unwind and take a mental vacation.
  13. From SEA – Find (at least) one unique way to promote your blog each month. Facebook and Twitter don’t count! – I LOVE this!  Not much needs to be said about it.  Be on the lookout for new ways that I’m accomplishing exactly this goal!

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