How to Throw: A Spa Party

Hey Loves! I know it’s been ages, and I haven’t exactly stuck to the edicts of my Thirteen in ’13 over the last month. That all changes (hopefully) today! In the coming weeks we’ll review all the fun stuff that has been going on over the past month. I’ve checked out the tri-state area’s best fashion events to give you the scoop on the best designers around (sneak peek: Check out Michael Thomas – ADORE his work!). In an effort to do more posts about events I’ve been cooking up a storm to share great recipes for parties! And, of course, I obsessed over the runways of NY, London and Paris fashion week to get all of the hottest trends for the fall (hello, let’s not rush spring and summer!).

But, before all of that, let’s talk spas!

The older I get (and I just turned 30, so according to my piano student, I am officially old) the more I find myself wanting to host gatherings at my home for my friends. I’d been dying for some time to try Epiphany Mobile Spa and decided my birthday was the perfect excuse to throw a spa party with my closest girls (and one guy!). Planning a spa party is relatively simple (especially if you outsource the heavy lifting like I did) and it’s a great way to spend some girlfriend (and guyfriend) time together!

1. Invitations – Although I love sending formal invitations for events like my summer soiree, I am also a fan of online invitations. For this event, I chose to go with ( is also great). Punch Bowl has a ton of cute and appropriate designs to choose from. You simply customize the invitation with details about your party, add your guests and send!

2. Spa services – As I mentioned, I used the services of Epiphany Mobile Spa at ( my party. Epiphany Mobile Spa is a full-service spa that brings the spa experience to your home. Epiphany’s owner Tracey, provided me with a list of reasonably priced packages for guests to choose from. Each package included a facial plus one to two other treatments. Guests at my party enjoyed treatments like foot jellybaths, foot detoxes, hand and foot heat treatments, and back and neck massages. As an aside: we loved having Epiphany at our spa party! I highly recommend the service! Thanks to my bloggy girlfriend for introducing us at her Joy of Giving Charity event!


If you do not choose to have a spa service come into your home, there are plenty of at home spa treatments you can set up for your guests. The internet is full of recipes for face masks, body scrubs, lip balms and hand treatments. Check out some great tips from Glamour Magazine (

3. Guest Activities – In addition to the spa services provided by Epiphany, I also set-up a nail bar for guests to do manicures and pedicures. I simply pulled out my nail polishes and set up bowls to soak hands, nail polish remover, cotton balls and manicure tools. Michael’s as a great variety of manicure kits and emery boards priced from $1-$2 dollars. It really doesn’t get much better than that! You could also offer your guests a make-up bar, makeover consultations or a variety of fun activities.



4. The Food – Prepping themed food for a party is one of my favorite things to do! I love coming up with a creative and unique menu to match my events. For the spa party I decided to keep things light – tea sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, a meat and cheese tray, mini-cupcakes and cake ball truffles made by a friend. Tea sandwiches are very appropriate for a spa party and incredibly easy to make. We had traditional cucumber butter and egg salad tea sandwiches. But, for fun, I also added a peanut butter-bacon-banana tea sandwich. Of course, those were a hit! Check out the Food Network’s list of 50 tea sandwiches to get some great ideas:




5. The Cocktails – Cocktails are the best part of any party! We sipped on our signature cocktail, cucumber martinis, as well as champagne, wine, mixers and of course, water!! I used this easy recipe for our signature cocktail:


6. The Gifts – Anyone who has ever been to a dinner or party at my home knows that I love to send my guests home with a little gift – from personalized margarita glasses to mardi gras beads. I sent my guests home with this simple, easy to make sugar scrub (recipe: I purchased a dozen 4oz jars from my local Giant grocery store for about $10. The labels and tags came from Michael’s; again, both were less than $10. Mixing the scrub was ridiculously easy and and everyone went home with a personalized jar! Other gift ideas include: manicure sets, homemade lip balms or scrubs, bath salts, nail polish, or relaxation kits (tea bag, honey stick and eye mask). You do not have to spend a ton to make your guests feel special!

7. The Atmosphere – Spa parties are easy. You pretty much just need to dim the lights, light a bunch of candles and play soft soothing music. Seriously. That’s it.

Whew! That was quite a post! But hopefully, you’ll take some of these simple tips and tricks and host your own spa party. For one, two or 20 of your closest friends! Be sure to snap pics and send along your special tips! I LOVE seeing how everyone makes a special event their own!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika

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  1. Hee! I actually threw a spa party for my 30th…didn’t think of doing the nail bar, though. Great idea! Happy belated birthday!

    1. Thanks hon!!! BTW – I’m going to be in DC a few weekends in April – think I could crash a Work Your Curves workout?

  2. thanks for the idea i am turning thirteen and having a spa party but i need help on how to make my room look like a spa!!

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