Runway Round-up: Who Got Next (Part 2)?

As I mentioned last week, I spent some time checking out the hottest designers and brands in the tri-state area and scoured the runways for the trends we will see during the spring, summer and fall.  If you missed part one of the Runway Round-up series, feel free to check it out here!  Below, I’ll share two more hot designers with you!

Who Got Next?

Urban FLRT (by Corey Wesley)

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I had the pleasure of attending the Urban FLRT Trunk Show hosted by fashionista and fellow fashion blogger Tweety Elitou of Young, Hip, Chic.  As most of our readers know, I regularly sing the praises of a good t-shirt (check out our white tee series!).  Let me tell you, Urban FLRT’s Spring/Summer collection brings a whole new meaning to a “good t-shirt.”  I was able to chat with designer Corey Wesley and get the “‘scluse, ‘scluse” about the brand and collection.  Check it out!

Erika (YCS): So, I’m here with Corey and I want you to tell us all about your collection.

Corey Wesley (Urban FLRT): We’re headquarted in Harlem NY.  Our line is a very unique, classy, chic line.  It’s not your common t-shirt.  It’s the type of shirt that you wear to work with a suit or that you dress down to go out with your girlfriends. . . What’s very different about our shirts is that we use a new technique.  We don’t use screen printing.  Screen printing is printed on the top of the garment.  We use a dye process and this is actually infused into the garment. . .

E (I totally interrupted him): Ohhhhh!  So when I wash it, it’s not going to peel off and fade!  (I was completely beside myself at this point)

CW: Nope.  We will outlast a screen printed t-shirt any day!

E: Can you tell me a little bit about some of the designs you have here?

CW: This year we were inspired by music. . . so we have a t-shirt that looks like Christina Aguilara singing.  Donna Summers . . . she inspired Disco Queen.  [Corey is also] a fan of the pin-up girl era.  I have a shirt called the pin-up girl.  And ladies love red bottoms so I do have shirts that have the red bottom on it.

E: So how can my readers find you?

CW: Your readers can find us at Urban FLRT ( . . . [they can think] flirtatious or they can think Freely Living Real and True.

After my chat with the fun and fashionable designer Corey, it was time to check out the goods.  As Corey mentioned in his interview the dye is infused with the t-shirt fabric (which is oh so soft by the way) which gives each shirt a luxe feel and sleek design.  It is clear that time and attention to detail went into the unique design and production of each shirt.  It’s no surprise that I found myself drooling over the entire collection and struggling to pick just one shirt to order (I’ve got 2 more I’m
“meditating” on, which is Erika speak for “going to buy later but trying to have some restraint”).

My favorite thing about the t-shirts are the pops of vibrant color (red and yellow are prevalent in the music collection) that make the designs stand out.  Shirts range are priced around $45/each.  The quality of the product makes the price well worth it.  These shirts will be wardrobe staples you’ll rock again and again (be sure to follow YCS on instagram and look out for me rocking the Disco Queen tee!).

To order your own tee before they hit shelves in Philly, visit Urban FLRT.  And, check out some flicks from the private viewing I attended!

Urban FLRT's creative director, Corey Wesley, rocks one of this season's t-shirts inspired by music.  Also shown is the Greek FLRT t-shirt.
Urban FLRT’s creative director, Corey Wesley, rocks one of this season’s t-shirts inspired by music. Also shown is the Greek FLRT t-shirt.
Disco Queen t-shirt
Disco Queen t-shirt
T-shirt from the S/S 2013 Collection.
T-shirt from the S/S 2013 Collection.
Urban FLRT tees from previous collections
Urban FLRT tees from previous collections

Be sure to take a moment and check out Young, Hip, Chic as well!  Thanks to Tweety and YHC team for inviting me to this fabulous event!



I am not going to lie – when the designer for Designersberg stepped on the runway of Atlantic City Fashion Week and told us that we were going to see a modern take on traditional African fabrics, I was a little (OK, a lot) skeptical.  I have seen my fair share of African prints and fabrics and had managed (for the most part) to avoid Kente cloth for the better part of my life.  However, I found myself completely blown away by the collection that was presented on the runway.  While there were some beautiful, traditional African pieces that walked the runway, this collection truly was a modern take on traditional materials.  The collection contained sleek one-shoulder dresses, beautiful maxis and cute rompers.  The fabrics were neither cliché nor predictable.  To my delight, they were luxe, regal, and elegant.

Collection standouts include the beautiful shorts, tailored blazers, and flirty summer dresses.  Check out the video below of the runway show at Atlantic City Fashion Week!

So, what do you think of Urban FLRT and Designersberg?  Weigh in below!

Your Chic is Showing,

With Love, Erika