YCS Events: Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn

If you follow YCS on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you may have noticed some regular chatter about the exciting changes coming down the pipe (and may have even seen one cool change – our new logo!).  As YCS continues to change, grow, and expand, one of the goals is to make YCS a destination – a daily stop for our readers, supporters, and friends – to get information on all the chicest happenings, from clothing and make-up to hair care and events.  I truly believe that chic isn’t an adjective; it’s a way of life.  Chic extends beyond designer or name brand clothing, throwing the coolest parties or always being in the “know.”  Chic comes from within. We have to take care of ourselves and nurture our mind, body, and spirit.  Something we often neglect to do (myself included!).

In light of this, I’m so excited to introduce YCS’ readers to the Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn (#CJBL)! This event will be held on Saturday April 27, 2013 (yup, one day before Strut Your Stuff) at Maggiano’s King of Prussia from 11 am – 3pm.  What better way to nurture yourself by joining me at this fabulous event! The #CJBL is hosted by my bloggy-turned-real-friend Arlett of Chasing Joy.

At the event we are all invited to “get inspired, motivated, and educated on ways to increase our happiness.  Ms. Positivity herself, life coach, Melissa Lopez, and President and Chief Executive Officer of James, Davis and Associates, Janeane Davis will be enlightening us on their paths to joy.”  This event is an opportunity for people to connect with positive, joy minded people and to be inspired by each other and the event’s speakers.  In my opinion, feeling good on the inside radiates and will make you look more chic than clothes and make-up ever could! Plus your ticket includes food (win!). And, there are going to be giveaways too!

What are you waiting for? Take a moment to purchase your ticket on Eventbrite. Go ahead!  I’ll wait!

In all seriousness, this event is not to be missed.  In a world where we are all trying to keep up with the Kardashians, one-up each other on Facebook or Twitter, or just get through the daily hustle and grind it is easy to see how our own happiness and joy can get lost in the shuffle.  I am looking forward to spending this time reflecting on my own exciting life and finding ways to embrace happiness in each and every day.  For me, attending this event was a no brainer!  It is always worthwhile to invest in myself.

YCS Family – why don’t you take some time and invest in yourself as well?  Come join me, Arlett and her Joy Chasers for an afternoon of reflection, joy, happiness, fun and, of course, food!  I’d love to meet some of the YCS Family at this event!

To learn more visit Chasing Joy and Eventbrite!

And, of course, if you’re going be sure to let YCS know via Facebook and Twitter by using hashtag #CJBL!

I look forward to seeing the YCS Family and Joy Chasers at this event!

Your Chic (and Joy) is Showing,

With Love, Erika


7 thoughts on “YCS Events: Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn

  1. You are so right and I could not have said it better myself. We do get caught up in the daily grind and forget to really take care of ourselves on the inside. It is worthwhile to invest in you and your happiness. I can’t wait to have an awesome weekend Chasing Joy at the Brunch & Learn and then learning how to Strut My Stuff the next day 🙂

    1. I am really looking forward to this event!!! Can’t wait to see you and connect with other Joy Chasers!

  2. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Chasing Joy Lunch and Learn event.You are right, we need to be chic inside and out! It is important to invest in ourselves because it is an investment that never leaves us.

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