Make-Up Moves: Eyebrow Tutorial

By Torrey, Make-Up Maven

In my opinion, the two most important areas of makeup are complexion and brows. Brows frame your face and pretty much set the tone for your makeup. Without having your brows complete and polished, your entire look is a dud.

You could very well only have your brows done, with nothing else, and still look polished and well put together.

If you are beginning in makeup, I would say, invest time in practicing the best method for the brow you want to achieve and also invest in a really good brow pencil, powder, or cream gel.

Here are a few do’s and don’t’s for brows:

  • DO use a brow pencil/powder/gel that compliments your skin tone and hair color
  • DON’T use black! Even if your hair is jet black. It’s too harsh on the face.
  • DO use a light hand and light strokes when filling in
  • DON’T use one single stroke
  • DO get your brows tamed periodically, either by threading, waxing, or razor
  • DON’T shave them all off then draw back on!
  • DO opt for a more natural looking brow
  • DON’T shoot for perfection. Brows are not identical twins.

Your brows should be in unison, but won’t be perfect.

For examples of ridiculous eyebrows that are ultimate fails, go to google and type in “bad eyebrows.” You’re sure to get a laugh.

Now on to the brow pictorial…

As a general rule, the placement of the beginning, arch, and end of your brow should be as pictured below. Feel free to deviate from this to fit your face, shape of your eyes, and the distance between your eyes.

eyebrows 1

Here are my brows…in the nude (please excuse my skin’s appearance):

eyebrows 2

I will be using 2 different products on each brow. On the left, a brow pencil, and, on the right, a gel eyeliner.

eyebrows 3

(This brow pencil is by MAC. You can find brow pencils everywhere! Literally.)

You will also need a spoolie or brow brush to brush your brows up and across (pictured below).

eyebrows 4

And here we go…

  1. Use your spoolie or brow brush to brush your brows up and over
  2. Outline the bottom, then the top of your brow
  3. Use small short strokes to fill in the rest of the brow to your desired depth
  4. After filling in, use the spoolie to brush the color through and soften the front of your brow to prevent a boxy shape

eyebrows 5

eyebrows 6

Pictured above is an eyeliner; but, it can be used on brows. Using a gel can help your brows last longer. You will need a stiff angled brush to apply

Repeat the same steps as above but using the angled brush and dipping it into the gel to pick up products.

eyebrows 7

And here is the finished product 🙂 Natural looking brows in only about 10 minutes.

eyebrows 8

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