YCS Review: The Weave Bar

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

The Weave Bar is now Suite Extensions. Check out our updated review here.

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions expressed are my own.

With blow dry bars and dye/color bars popping up left and right, it was only a matter of time before other express service salons were going to crop up. This past weekend I found myself in a pinch and unable to get a spot in my regular hair stylist’s chair.  So, I decided to give The Weave Bar – an express hair weaving salon – a shot.  And since it’s always all about our YCS readers, I’m providing you guys with a review of my experiences.

Short hair, don't care.  Long hair, don't care.  Who am I kidding?  I always care.
Short hair, don’t care. Long hair, don’t care. Who am I kidding? I always care.

The 411 (from the Weave Bar website)

The Weave Bar is a series of upscale, niche service hair salons specializing in affordable hair weaving (extension services).

  • Services start as low as $50
  • Stylists aim to provide services in 3 hours or less
  • Complimentary wi-fi and beverage services are provided to guests
  • 2 locations – West Philadelphia and Germantown Ave.


Business: The Weave Bar
Location: 5622 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, PA (Germantown & Chelten Ave)
Hours: 9am – 5pm
Service: The Deluxe
Stylist: You’ll have to email YCS (info@yourchicisshowing.com) for her name!  But you can deets about her work below.
Important Info: Weaving packages start at $50 and assume you’ve already washed and blow-dried your own hair.  You should also bring 2 packs of hair with you.  Other services (wash, flat ironing, cuts, etc.), as well as hair weave,  are available for an additional fee.  Also, services are by appointment only Monday through Wednesday.  Services are walk-in only Thursday through Sunday. 

The Nitty Gritty

As I said, my decision to go to the Weave Bar was a last minute one.  I did some research online and determined, based on the reviews, that I would visit Weave Bar’s Germantown Ave. location (bonus because that one is closer to my house).  The Weave Bar gives very detailed instructions on their website to help the process go smoothly.  Clients are instructed to come with 2 packs of the hair of their choice (I went with Saga Gold Remy, 12 inches, 1B) and to wash and blow-dry their hair with no products or oil prior to arrival.  The night before I followed these instructions and made sure I arrived by 8 am to get in line (services are by appointment only Monday through Wednesday and walk-in only Thursday through Sunday).  I was first in line and the line didn’t really pick-up until 8:45 am.  That said, the line is pretty unpredictable and I would recommend arriving between 8 am and 8:15 am.

12:19 am: Freshly washed and conditioned hair!
12:19 am: Freshly washed and conditioned hair!

True to their word they let us in at 9 am and by 9:09 am I was in the chair.  I was given to a stylist who had a lot of experience.  She also has a business degree and her cosmetology license.  I am not shy and I gave her very specific instructions –  small braids, not in cornrows going straight back, pull tight (I’m not tender-headed), and use lots of hair.  Given her experience (and my specific instructions) I felt confident that my stylist knew what she was doing.  My stylist braided my hair per my instructions rather quickly – I imagine it would have gone more quickly if she hadn’t also been playing front desk manager.  However, since the front desk worker was often off doing something else (mostly talking), she often had to stop to answer the phone or buzz clients up.

12:25 am: Following instructions and blow drying my hair with no products or oils.  Rocking my Don King.
12:25 am: Following instructions and blow drying my hair with no products or oils. Rocking my Don King.
7:01 am: Trying to contain my wild hair and maintain my chic while I head to wait in line!
7:01 am: Trying to contain my wild hair and maintain my chic while I head to wait in line!

By 10am my stylist was already sewing in my tracks – which made me really pleased.  She was quick but she was good.  She did a good job of securely installing my hair.  She also didn’t cut the tracks at the end of my head, instead folding them over to continue to sew.  She skillfully cut layers and dimensions into my hair, gave me my Kardashian curls (my words, not hers) and sent me on my way shortly after 11 am.


Overall, my experience was pleasant and painless; I think this can be attributed to my stylist.  She was incredibly experienced, listened to my instructions and executed on what we discussed.  I noticed that some of the other stylists had less experience styling hair and I wonder if I would have found myself as satisfied wit them.  I had a really good experience; however, I can totally see how things could have gone all the way left had I been in another chair.

11:11 am: Finished product!  All smiles!
11:11 am: Finished product! All smiles!

Would I Recommend the Weave Bar?

In a pinch? Absolutely!  It was great for getting my weave done quickly and cost effectively.  I won’t, however, be ditching my regular stylist any time soon.  I would 100% recommend my stylist at the Weave Bar.  She was excellent and I was really pleased with the results!

Overall Rating (out of 5 stars):


Review Factors*: These are the factors used to determine the overall star rating for this review.

Cosmo Factor: 1

  • I barely made it through my entire Cosmo; I was really pleased with the relatively short amount of time it took to do my hair.

Martini Factor: 2

  • Waiting for an hour in the heat was not fun.  Someone informed us that once the staff meeting was complete they would let us inside to wait.  They did not.
  • As I mentioned, my stylist often had to take breaks to do other things because the front-desk staff member wasn’t there.

Flat Iron Factor: 4

  • My stylist was excellent.  I was thoroughly impressed with her.  When I return I will specifically request her, or go on an appointment day to ensure I’m in her chair again.

Other Factors: 3

  • There is a ton of paid street parking and a free lot one block over which was very convenient (+)
  • Music was modern and upbeat (+)
  • Amenities were minimal (-)
  • Even though the stylists were the only ones in the shop before us, it didn’t feel like it was as clean as it could be (i.e. coffee containers on the floor of the waiting room, etc.) (-)

So, have you guys ever tried an express weaving service?  What about a blow dry bar or dye/color bar?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  And what do you think of the job Weave Bar did?  Weigh in below!

Your Chic is Showing,

Erika's Signature

*Review Factors Defined

Cosmo Factor: How many issues of Cosmo Magazine did I read during my service. (0=blink and you miss it; 5 = paint dries faster)

Martini Factor: How worked were my nerves from the customer service. (0=cool calm and collected; 5 = I need to get drunk to get over it)

Flat Iron Factor: How good was the stylist. (1 = turn up the heat; 5 = hot stuff)

Other factors for consideration: atmosphere, location/parking, and amenities.

13 thoughts on “YCS Review: The Weave Bar

    1. Thanks darling!! My stylist was excellent and that makes all the difference! I def missed some of the comforts of my regular salon; but, for a last minute time crunch I was satisfied.

  1. Great review! I’ve never heard of a weave bar. I just recently had my first experience with weave and it surprisingly was a great experience. Although very expensive, I enjoyed the convenience of not having to deal with my natural hair for the 2 month period I wore the hair. Maybe I’ll see if there’s a weave bar in DC. Also, your hair looked great!! 🙂

    1. There are a few weave bars on DC! It was actually a girlfriend of mine in DC who suggested I try a weave bar. I’ll find out the names and get them to you.

      I put the weave in to keep from cutting my hair off during the grow out phase. I love how easy it is to deal with.

      And thanks so much girlfriend!

  2. Great review! I’m always looking for a hair stylist since I always do my own hair. You do have the upper hand that you knew exactly how you wanted your hair. I am no expert on weaves, lol.

    1. Girllllll, I am soooo picky about my hair (weaved, natural, whatever). So, I know what I want and I am NOT shy about saying if I don’t like it. The only way I know is through experience. I think the key here is to definitely be specific. And ask LOTS of questions. I will still keep y regular stylist but Weave Bar was much much faster and perfect when I couldn’t get an appointment.

    1. Yes – convenience factor is very high!! They could take some notes from the NYC blow dry bars on client experience. There is an opportunity for them to take it to the next level in client service. They could really go through the roof with some slight tweaks.

  3. This is a great review. I have never had a sown in weave but have considered it. I would not even know how to give the instructions that you gave. How long will your sew in last? How do you maintain it? If I ever go I will be consulting with you first 🙂

    1. I only started wearing weave last year as a way to refrain from cutting my hair during the awkward grow-out phase. I only learned what to say through trial and error. But if you got a sew in you could certainly give the same instructions I did and you’d be fine.

      This will last me around 8 weeks. I go in for maintenance every 2-3 weeks where they will wash it and tighten my tracks as necessary. I maintain it with dry shampoo (check out today’s post) between washes. You treat it just like your regular hair. You just have to make sure that when you wash it that you thoroughly rinse to get the soap out and that your braids are completely dry.

      Hope these tips help!

      1. Hi Ericka
        Do you remember the stylists name? I was checking out this spot and am also VERY picky about my hair. I actually have long hair almost to my bra strap but just started wearing weaves again for versatility. Your hair looks fab.
        Thanks..from a fellow Erica (no k) lol

      2. Hi Erica!!

        I remember exactly who I went to. I actually don’t feel comfortable putting her name on the site because I didn’t get permission first. However, feel free to email me at info@yourchicisshowing.com and I will be happy to give you her details!

        Please share your experience with YCS when you go!! And please keep coming back. We can never have too many Erik(c)a’s around here!!

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