Men’s Style Series: Does This Look Good?

By Ean, Men’s Style Master

Sitting here trying to figure out the best way to introduce myself and my aesthetic to the readers of YCS has been a difficult task.  I sit here completely thankful that the creator of YCS Erika has given me a chance to reach out to the male readers of YCS.

Being that I’m taller than the average male (YCS Erika: He’s 6’7″, ya’ll!), I have the daunting task of trying to find clothes that works with my body type.   Like many other males around the world, most of us do not fit into styles of clothing that we see the picture perfect models wear walking down the runways of Paris, NY, Milan, and London.

Often I see individuals with either very nice pieces on which are assembled totally wrong or wearing an outfit that you just look at and say to yourself “that outfit is all types of wrong!” With that being said, my first post series for YCS readers will be titled, “Does this look good?”  I want our readers to not only keep their personalities in their style of dressing but also ensure that their daily outfits don’t become flops because they made basic mistakes in styling themselves.

“Does This Look Good?” Tip 1:  Saggy…Baggy WTF!

As I get older and refine my style in clothing, the idea of wearing baggy/saggy pants or wearing an over-sized hoodie is completely out the question.  In my opinion, sagging should just be left for the jail cell and famous rappers who have to maintain an image and get the street credentials.   Gentlemen, there is nothing wrong with buying a pair of pants that actually fit your body type.  I’m not saying that you need to go and buy male jeggings (YCS Erika: mmmmeggings anyone?) where you are 2 seconds away from starting a fire; but your pants shouldn’t be so loose that you are altering your walk just to keep your pants up.  A nice pair of pants with a little bit of room is the ideal pair of pants because you have room to tailor the pants to your body style.  There is nothing more powerful and refreshing in seeing a man wearing a nice tailored/fitted outfit.

Does This Look Good Baggy Pants
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