Make-Up Moves: Summer Make-Up

By Torrey, Make-Up Maven

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It. Is. HOT! This heat coupled with 153% humidity will melt your face off in no time . . . if you aren’t prepared.

Here are some tips to keep your makeup melt-proof during these hot and humid months. These tips will also give your makeup longevity during those times you need your makeup to last long hours.

1.  Moisturize – keeping your skin moisturized actually helps to keep your makeup fresh and makes application easier. Be sure to choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. Also be sure your moisturizer includes some SPF.

  • Oily skin – choose an oil free moisturizer. Skimping on the moisturizer makes your natural oils kick into overdrive and your skin can actually become even more oily than usual throughout the day
  • Dry skin – keeping your skin moisturized will prevent caked makeup and acts as a base for your foundation or tinted moisturizer

2.     Prime – for extra protection or to give your skin more SPF, use a primer. Primers act as a barrier on your skin for your makeup. It almost acts as if it’s a second skin. Placing your makeup on top of a primer will allow your makeup to last longer, keep from settling in pores or fine lines, and keep your natural oils from shining through too much. There are various types of primers, choose one that best suits your skin’s needs. For those of you with ultra oily skin, try using milk of magnesia as a primer. I hear it works wonders!

3.     Cover – if you choose to wear foundation, use a lighter coverage foundation, one that allows your skin to show through. This type of coverage won’t make your face feel heavy or melt/sweat off as easily. Liquid and powder foundations are best. Tinted moisturizer or BB creams are excellent choices as well. They provide light coverage, SPF, and have healthy skin properties that can help your skin over time. Concealer is also a great option. Using concealer under they eyes and only in spots where you need, then setting with powder will give you a fresh, flawless finish that won’t melt at the sight of the sun.

4.     Set – it is always important to set your foundation/tinted moisturizer/BB cream/concealer with a pressed or loose powder. It is imperative to set any liquid or emollient product with a powder to ensure longevity.

5.     Bronze – if you a medium to dark skin tone, you are not disqualified from using bronzer. Choose a bronzer that is about 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. Cover Girl Queen collection has 3 shades of bronzer that will work for every skin tone. Bronzer will bring the definition back to your face after applying your coverage product. It will also give you a beautiful glow, perfect for summer. Apply your bronzer as a contour to your face, as directed in the highlighting and contouring post.

6.     Blush – choose a blush that is complementary to your skin tone. Try using a cream blush, then setting with a powder brush for a long lasting affect.

7.     Highlight – this is equally as important as bronzer. Since the sun will be shining on you, you want the high points of your face to standout and glow. You can use a powder, liquid illuminator, or cream product. Be sure to place them on the high points of your face.

8.     Lipstick – the brighter the better! It’s summer so the trend is BRIGHT lips. Of course you don’t have to go too bright if you’re not comfortable. If you’re not ready for bright lipstick, try a lipgloss. The opacity is not a high but you still get some color. Opt for corals, pinks, reds, purples, etc. anything bright and fun!

By now your face is summer time ready. Make sure your brows are done, add mascara, and you’re ready. Of course if you’d like to add shadow, the same rules apply. Always prime your eyelids first so your shadows will stay on longer.

Here is a step-by-step pictorial of how I fixed my face for work today . . .

1. Moisturize

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2. Prime – I used this all over my face, concentrating it in my T-Zone where I tend to get oily. The product: Make Up For Ever HD primer in 0 (zero)

photo 2-11

3. Cover – I like to mix my illuminator with my coverage product to get a glowy, dewy look. I used tinted moisturizer by NARS in Cuba (my all time favorite).

photo 4-5

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Brows (tutorial here) complete and immediately after application:

photo 5-3

4. Set – I opted for a pressed powder today (note: the flash throws off the color a little bit). The product: MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Medium Deep.

photo 1-11

5. Bronze – today’s bronzer (because I have so many) is a limited edition Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC in Sunny by Nature.

photo 2-10

6 & 7. Blush & Highlight – Notice the placement of the illuminator. This one is my favorite because it gives such a beautiful glow. The product: NARS illuminator in Laguna (excuse that one unruly twist).

photo 3-7

8. Lipstick – I hadn’t worn this one in a while. it’s a very pretty bright coral. The product: Make Up For Ever in No. 39.

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And I’m ready for work!

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photo 3-9

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  1. I’d never heard of an illuminator before. For the most part since it got hot I have been doing blush and mascara.

    Thanks for the step by step turorial with pictures 🙂

    1. sure, no problem! they come in liquid, cream, and powder. great for highlighting and bringing some summer glow to your face. Make sure you’re getting in SPF as well!

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