Men’s Style: A Day at the Pool

 By Donte’, Men’s Style VIP

August is upon us and that means pool parties and day parties galore.  The end of the summer is great for these types of parties because it’s not as hot and miserable outside as it is earlier in the summer.  This post is all about what to wear when you get the invite to chill poolside on a warm August day.

There are two types of people who go to pool parties: those that plan to get in the pool and those that don’t.  For those that don’t, it’s simple, dress cool and comfortable and wear something that will keep you as dry as possible.  That means break out those T-shirts, fedoras, and flip flops, but try to avoid denim if at all possible.  Besides being hotter than most materials, it fades when it gets wet and you don’t want that drama if someone decides to be funny and splash you!   Colored chinos, khakis, and linen are your go-to options here.

Men’s Style VIP Donte’ looking good on his way to a day/pool party.

Now some of you have worked all winter and spring to chisel your bodies to perfection so that you could use this moment to show it off at the pool.  Others are just brave enough not to care.  Here are some tips for you if you decide to shred the shirt and bare all:

If you are tall and thin, opt for board shorts (pictured below) rather than traditional swimming trunks.  They are the shorts without the typical lining in them and are a little longer (coming down to the knee).  They sit a little lower on your waist, which is ideal for a longer torso and for showing the cut in your abs.  Brighter colors and louder patterns are also good for you as you have the body type to pull it off.

2013-07-24 19.47.55

If you have a bit more of a belly, there are some things you can do to trick the eye and make you look thinner.  Stay away from board shorts! As I mentioned before, they sit lower in the waist, which will only serve to emphasize your belly, not hide it.  Look for the traditional swimming trunks (pictured below) that are shorter and expose more leg.  This makes you look taller and draws attention away from your midsection.  Also, opt for darker colors or solids.   The louder patterns emphasize the division between your midsection and knee, which makes you look shorter.

2013-07-24 19.49.11

Hopefully these tips have helped someone out there.  When you look good, you feel good and I want everyone to feel like a VIP.  Let me know if you have any other tips for the readers.  Share your vision and let me know what you think.

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