YCS Cares: Clothing Drive through August 3

By Erika, Resident Fashionista


Throughout the YCS family you will find no shortage of causes that are near and dear to our heart – from education to mentoring to animals.  Every now and then an opportunity comes along where our love of fashion and our charitable spirits cross paths and we can help someone who truly deserves it.

For the past three years I have had the pleasure of working with a program sponsored by the Burlington-Camden Achievement Foundation.  Through my role as a workshop facilitator and supporter of the program, I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of young gentlemen who have participated in the program.  One of these young men is off to college this fall – as the first in his family!  

Due to dire family circumstances he has registered for school and financial aid under “independent status” and is leaving for college with little more than the clothes on his back.  He doesn’t even have a pair of pajamas, winter coat, or a week’s worth of undergarments to bring with him!  In an effort to send him to college on the right foot, a group of friends and I are having a clothing and school supply drive to support him.

How can you help?

Through Saturday August 3, 2013 we will be collecting clothing donations, school supplies and toiletries for this young man.  We are not requesting anything fancy, just the basic items (undershirts, underwear, socks, etc.) that most of us take for granted.  Included at the end of this post is a list of clothing items that he needs.

While you are out shopping for school supplies for your own children or picking up groceries over the coming week, please consider buying an extra item or two to support this young man.  Please note, clothing is what he needs most.  We welcome all new and gently used items.  It is our hope that we can help him begin the school year on the right foot and set the tone for the bright future that he has ahead of him.

But I don’t live near you?  What can I do?

I’m so glad you asked!  If you want to help and you don’t live close enough to meet up, here’s what you can do:

Click the PayPal link below and send a donation that will be put onto a Visa or Amex gift card


What does he need?


*Undershirts/tank tops

*Socks (athletic and dress)


*Winter Coat

*Shower shoes/sandals

Casual t-shirts

Gym shorts



Winter sweaters


Casual shoes


Polo shirts


Gift cards: Visa, Amex, Target, Walmart

(items with an * are most important)


Shirt: Medium

Pants: 31×32

Underwear: Medium

Blazer/Jacket: 38R

Shoes: 9.5 – 10

If you have any questions about how you can help please feel free to comment below or email info@yourchicisshowing.com.  Thank you for your time and helping this young man get off to a strong start in college.

Your Chic is Showing,

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