And Now It’s Time for a Break(down) . . .

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

It’s really just time for a break!!  No breakdowns over here!!

Good morning my LOVES!  As I’m sure you guys have been keeping up with us on Facebook and Twitter, you probably already know that we have officially brought a Blog Management Intern on board to the YCS Team!  This is very, very exciting news for YCS!  However, it means that we’ll take a brief hiatus while we bring the amazing Kiari up to speed on the blog platform and fine tune the content that our team of awesome contributors will be sharing.

Don’t worry – we’ll only be gone a week and starting next Monday we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting!

I know you’re probably wondering how you’ll EVER survive without YCS.  Well, in the mean time and between time you can do a few things:

1. Take a moment and visit and nominate YCS!  To learn more about the BWA check out our YCS post about them.

2. Take a moment and complete the YCS Reader Poll below so we can continue to bring the content and information you want to see!  Trust me, it’s short!

3. Check out this En Vogue video that inspired the title of this post.  Hopefully this little groove will help you get over any case of the Moon-days that you might have!

And finally, SAVE THE DATE! On Saturday October 19, 2013 YCS will be hosting our Official Business Launch Party!!  We will officially unveil our Personal Styling, Personal Shopping and Event Management services to the world and we want everyone who’s been reading the blog to join us in the celebration!  More details are to come, but go ahead and circle that date on your calendars right, right now.  Because, like Yeeze says, “it’s a celebration, [*******]!”

Remember, you can totally comb through our old content while we’re on our brief hiatus.  By the time you’re done reading through all the YCS goodness we’ll be back and better than ever, and, you’ll have hardly noticed we were gone!

Your Chic is Showing,

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