Make-up Moves: The Interview Face

By Torrey, Make-Up Maven

Personally (this is MY opinion), I don’t believe you should enter any professional or formal setting with a bare face. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear makeup everyday to work. But when you need to present yourself in the cleanest manner possible, it’s necessary to wear light makeup, at least.

I’ve had a couple of interviews in the past week or so and this is the basic look I go for:

(Going from tired and cranky, to ready to face the world [and get the job])

But don’t make this face in the interview 😉

It’s best to keep it simple

1. Of course – tame those brows
2. Correct your complexion so that your skin appears radiant and fresh
3. Be sure to add under eye concealer to add to your radiance.
This brings more light to your face and makes you look more awake
4. Add a soft blush and contour lightly
5. Mascara and shape your eye if you please
You can do this by contour your eye crease and adding a highlight in the inner corner
6. Add a soft lip color and you’re all finished!