Fashion Rules that Need to be Broken

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Listen, for as long as I have been into fashion – which has been since I was old enough to pick out my own clothes- there have been fashion rules, guides, dos and don’ts. And while some advice is good advice (oversized, baggy, non-fitting clothes will never be a “do,” even when they are – 90’s I’m looking at you), most of it is a bunch of bologna. When it comes to fashion, and life, I can sometimes be a rule bender. I don’t know that I’ll ever smash a rule to a million pieces, but I do think some rules are meant to be ignored. With a little help from the YCS instagram account, I present a list of my top five fashion rules that need to be broken, right, right now!

Your shoes, belt and bag don’t have to match. I’m sure that this rule was invented to help people look polished and put together. I totally get it. But it’s 2013. Trust me, they don’t have to match. In fact, they can be three totally different colors and you’ll still look fab. I promise.


See? Red belt + snake skin shoes = winning combo!

Mixing prints and patterns is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged. You might be like me and slightly averse to pattern mixing. I get it. Which is why I put together a super simple guide about easy ways to mix your patterns. Check it out now.


Point is, you should totally go ahead and do that!

Along those lines, Curvy girls and plus sized woman can TOTALLY wear patterns. I’m not sure who started that nasty, nasty rumor but, and you heard it here first, they’re dumb! In a sea full of boring solids you should stand out from the crowd! Opt for bigger, bolder patterns and designs to balance out your curves, as they’re almost universally flattering. If you aren’t ready for print head-to-toe try it on a shirt first. Or skirt. And, along those lines, you can totally wear stripes! Vertical and horizontal. Whoever invented that rule is dumb too. To keep your silhouette slim just opt for stripes that are a) wider/thicker or b) spaced further apart. You’re welcome.





Sequins and clutches are for evenings only, right? Wrong! Sequins and clutches are appropriate whenever you feel like wearing them! I just wore a sequined top to lunch the other week and for drinks on Wednesday night. And I’m always rocking clutches. Especially my fave red one which was a gift from CJ and my growning Nneka Saran collection. Look, you won’t get judged by us if you put on sequins to run to Trader Joe’s for your groceries. You’ll probably get applause!





Wear white whenever the heck you want! My most favorite pair of pants in my closet is a pair of cream slacks. I keep them in there all year around and where them in the summer and the winter. My favorite winter coat? White. And, I’m totally grabbing a pair of white jeans to rock this winter. Why? Because I can. If it looks good – wear it. Who cares if it’s not between Memorial Day and Labor Day?





A few bonus rules that are meant to be broken:

More is more when it comes to jewelry. It’s all pretty, pile it on!



You can totally wear tights with sandals. Just saying.

Glasses aren’t for nerds and Harry Potter anymore. Want to try on a new personality? Grab some cute specs!



You can mix your gold and silver jewelry. And rose gold. And bronze. And diamonds. They match everything!

I hope you found some “Insta-ration” (corny, I know!) to break a few fashion rules! What do you think? Are there any other fashion rules you want to break? You know what to do – weigh in below!

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