Men’s Style: If the Hat Fits

 By Donte’, Men’s Style VIP

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you get all dressed up to go out, but you realize your outfit does not appear in reality as it did in your head. It may be lacking that special something that completes the look you were going for. Everyone should have a “go-to” accessory that they can pull out in case of such a fashion emergency. For me, that accessory is the fitted hat!

I am fully committed to the idea that my fashion identity is the urban gentleman (foreshadowing a future post maybe?). I have no issues with wearing a fitted hat with any style of dress. I’ve worn them with casual clothes, with business attire, with semi-formal wear, and even with formal wear (don’t judge me). My favorite is a grey and black Orioles fitted that I bought myself for Christmas. I tend to not wear them as much in the summer months because they can make you sweat a little and I don’t want to mess up my Mohawk, but when it’s cool you will more than likely catch me with one on 90% of the time.

There are a couple of reasons why a fitted hat is my “go-to” accessory. They help fix a bad hair day (Yes, men have bad hair days too!). You know, those days when you haven’t been to the barbershop in a while and you aren’t looking as sharp as you’d like. If you notice it, then trust me when I say that everyone else notices it too. A fitted hat covers all that up and as long as you don’t have to take it off, most folks will never know that your barbershop appointment isn’t until tomorrow.

They also serve as an accessory for those that don’t get into accessories.  They help to create a color palette for any outfit.  If you wear a solid color shirt, try using the fitted hat to create a complimentary color scheme or even color block with colors you wouldn’t normally put together. (If you don’t like it, you can always take the hat off right?). You can also use the hat to pull out secondary colors in a plaid shirt or to accentuate a color in a patterned shirt.  This is an opportunity to experiment with creating your color story. You should be sure to have at least one fitted in a neutral color. This way, you have one that goes with everything in your closet.

So what’s your “go-to” accessory? Let me know that item you can fall back on when you’re having a fashion crisis and need an easy fix. Feel free to drop me a note and let me know what’s on your mind.