“The Fall Prep Guide”

Get ready for the fall with “The Fall Prep Guide.”

A guest post from Fashionable Joe

[A Note from the Editor: Fashionable Joe is a new men’s fashion and style blog that will be launching in the fall/winter of 2013.  To keep up with Fashionable Joe prior to their launch follow them on Twitter and Instagram: @fashionablejoe.

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The fall is slowly approaching and it’s time to get ready for the fashion switch. I am a huge fall person because I love layers, light jackets, and the lack of bright colors (don’t judge me). Every fall my friends and I follow a prep guide to help us handle the changeover of our closets. Here are the four steps to make this transition go smoothly.

The Closet:

When getting ready for a new season and getting your look together, your closet should be your first stop. You have to see what you have, what you don’t have, and what you want to get rid of. At the end of every summer I like to get rid of items because, a lot of times, if you’re shopper like me, by the next summer those pieces will not be needed. Since you won’t be wearing so many bright colors in the fall, I would recommend hitting the consignment shops to sell sell sell. Since I am all about the fall and winter, my closet is ready for the changes.


The Barber:

One thing women can not go without is a great stylist. Just like women, men need to have a great barber on speed-dial. Normally, I have two ways I like to keep my hair throughout the year. In the [colder months], because it can get a little cold, I like to keep some hair on my head.  [This is a contrast to] the low and dark all around cut I stay with during the spring and summer. [To transition in the fall, have your barber take] half off the top [with] a slight fade to keep it nice and dark. If you’re a guy that keeps it simple all year long, then you’re ahead of the curve. But, we all know that great feeling you get from a fresh new cut.


The Tailor:

You can’t start the fall off without two new suits; so, if you don’t have a great tailor, it’s time to find one. Now, you’re going to ask why two suits right? Well, I will tell you your closest isn’t right without a black suit and a nice blue suit. A nice blue suit and a black suit are standard in a true Fashionable Joe’s closet. I am an Italian cut kind of guy; the slick angles that [this cut] gives fits me. If you followed my first step, The Closet, then you shouldn’t have a problem mixing and matching the shirts in your closet with these new suits.


The Shoes:

A good pair of shoes will always make an outfit. You thought girls were the only ones that loved shoes? Any real Fashionable Joe will always be the one to update his closet with a new pair of kicks. Since we are just doing an update for the fall, we will stick to the standards – a nice black shoe and brown shoe will do the trick. There is nothing like an all black and white look, [like] a white shirt and black tie, to go with a new black suit. [Wear your] blue suit, white shirt, and blue tie with your brown shoes. My suggestion is to have at least four pairs of shoes in your closet to keep a solid, standard overview.

I hope you guys are getting pampered for the fall because I know I will be. If you followed my guide then you will be ready for the curve that the fall will bring.

Fashionable Joe
Twitter & Instagram: @fashionablejoe

About the Author

When I was about 14 years old I began to love fashion. I read InStyle Magazine daily and always kept up with the fashion world the best way I could. Believe me, I didn’t look the part, by any means; but inside I was all about style. What really helped [me] was [the fact that] my family was always known for being well dressed. The men in my family stayed in a brand new suit and, in my grandfather’s eyes, learning how to tie a tie was a MUST growing up. 

In high school I knew I was going to be a designer. [I was] different than a lot of my friends that wanted to work in fashion [because] I wanted to design clothes for men and not dresses. Something about wearing a brand new suit felt right.  I applied to schools to be a fashion designer but life took me on a different route. I fell into fashion photography once I got to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I shot for Wilhelmina, got published in a couple of magazines, and it really became clear to me that fashion was where I was going to be. 

Designing fell in my rear-view mirror; but you know what they say, “those that don’t design, style!” Now, years later, Fashionable Joe is born. Writing felt more comfortable. Why not mix some writing with my photography and just become a journalist?

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