Make-Up Moves: Primer and Base

By Torrey, Make-up Maven

If you’re new to makeup and eyeshadows, then this is one of the most important posts for you to check out.

If you’ve ever been putting on eyeshadow and had any of these questions:
– Why isn’t the color appearing the same as it does in the pan?
– Why is my eyeshadow fading throughout the day?
– How do I make my looks last?

Chances are, you aren’t priming! Your eyelids are typically more oily than the rest of your face, so eyeshadow primer is a MUST if you are going to wear any type of eyeshadow. Primer helps your shadow apply better, last longer, and crease less.

Now, there are primers and there are bases. They are not one in the same.

Primers are usually a creamish color and melt into your skin as your rub it in. Bases are usually colored products that help build the boldness of the shadow color you will place on top.

Some of the most popular eyeshadow primers are:

– Urban Decay primer potion (this comes in 4 types)

– Too Faced Shadow Insurance



– Make Up For Ever (MUFE) eye prime


– NARS smudge proof eyeshadow base

Bases can be anything from cream shadow pencils, eyeliners, paint pots, and other creamy, colored, products.

There are two items that I am very familiar with that can be used as both a primer and base and they are MAC paint pots and Make Up For Ever (MUFE) aqua creams. These come in a variety of colors and finishes.

– Paint pots are more thick in texture and are not as creamy

– Aqua creams are very creamy and many can be used on the eye, lips, or cheeks.

If you skip the primer while using either of these products, you won’t experience immediate creasing and your shadows can last all day.

The only trick is, don’t apply too much. If you apply too much, your shadows will not adhere to the base properly and your look will not last.

You can also use these products alone for a wash of color. One of my favorite everyday looks is a brown smokey eye using MUFE aqua cream in #14 (shimmery brown color), with a midtone brown in the crease, a goldish shadow in the inner corner, mascara, and liner, and I’m done! quick and easy!


Using any other base, including an eyeliner, you want to make sure to first prime your eyelids.

If you’re using bright colors, using a white base will make them pop.
If you’re using darker colors, using a black base will make them more bold.

You can also use a base the same color as the shadow you will use. this will also help to make your shadow pop and last longer.

Eyeshadow primers don’t have to be restricted to the eyelid. use them on your lower lash line so that you can apply your eyeshadows evenly around your eye and they will stay put.

You can also use eyeshadow primer on your brows (a thin layer) to help your shadows or pencil stay on throughout the day. no runny brows!
And you can use eyeshadow primer under your eyes before applying your under eye concealer. Ihis will help prevent creasing and enhance longevity.
While eyeshadow primer is a bit expense, for a good one, it’s definitely worth the investment. It can be used a variety of ways, and keeps you from overusing your makeup products and preserving your looks!