Fun Fashion Week Pop-Ups

By Alexis

This past week marked the kick-off of Philly Fashion Week, or PFW, and the city of brotherly love did not disappoint.

There were a ton of cool fashion shows and pop-ups for us fashionistas. I was thrilled to attend two pop-ups on behalf of Your Chic is Showing.

First up was the PFW Fashion & Style Event/LUX Accessories Pop-up at Tommi Studio Salon & Spa. I was very excited to go to this event (they promised manicures, massages, live hair and makeup-demos), but sadly, the only thing they had to offer were the accessories. Even though I was a little bit disappointed, I still had a great evening and found some really cool pieces. Below are some of my favorites!

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These three accessories from the Sylvans Collection, located in New York, were brought in by Angela Edmunds, from showroom77, and her friend Briana Rivas, who is a fashion and beauty blogger for Sequin Gowns & Mermaid Crowns.  Angela told me that statement rings are very in right now and I have to say, they were my favorite. She recommended wearing a couple on each hand if you want to bump it up a notch. I also learned that you couldn’t go wrong with a pop of color in the Fall.

You can find Angela at and Briana at

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These pieces were brought in from Jessica Healey who is the Philadelphia representative for Cayetano Legacy Collection. This collection was made by three sisters who are first generation Philippino-Americans. It was amazing to see their heritage incorporated into the collection as some jewelry contained all natural stones straight from the Philippines. Jessica’s favorite piece was the gold draping beads necklace; she was a huge advocate of Fall statement accessories.

If I had to pick my own statement piece it would have been the flower necklace. The craftsmanship was definitely top notch.

You can check out this jewelry at There’s also a 20% discount that you can use which is CLCPHILLY.


These last two pieces were brought in by Phenise and Ms. Brenda from their company Plain Elain. Phenise wanted to make head pieces that were affordable and gorgeous and I think she succeeded. I especially loved the studded headbands and the veils. Phenise said veils are very in for Fall and people should not be afraid to try them. This sounds perfect for the Fall bride. J

You can find these pieces at

The other pop-up event I went to was the Fashionaires Vintage Designer Pop-up at the Palomar Hotel. This was a gorgeous venue for an upscale event. The Fashionaires, Tara Destribats, and her sister-in-law, Tracey, have done pop-ups in New York and New Jersey so it was exciting that they came to Philadelphia. This event had beautiful vintage designer pieces and fantastic discounts. Below are some pictures of all the gorgeous clothes and accessories.

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Overall this was a fun week and I enjoyed being able to go to these events on behalf of Your Chic is Showing. Plus, you can never have too many excuses to dress up. Is MY chic showing? I hope so!


Have questions about the pieces? Comment below!