Curves Ahead (Part 2): C.U.R.V.V.

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I clearly didn’t learn my days of the week in kindergarten because this is a special SUNDAY edition of YCS, not Saturday as promised in Part 1. Charge it to my head and not my heart!


After last night’s AWESOME Curvy Closets fashion show I am even more excited to share my footage from the cast interviews from the short film “C.U.R.V.V,” which will accompany tonight’s exhibit of the same name. C.U.R.V.V. is an Exhibit Curated by ChaCha N’Kole and will debut at the University of Pennsylvania Museum. This is the “first ever museum exhibition to highlight full-figured high-fashion.” I am beyond excited to be covering this event!

Check out the YCS TV video that gets some behind the scenes details about the film, where you can find the cast members on social media, and what fashion tips they shared with us! After editing this video, I’m 100% convinced that I NEED a microphone to block out the background noise and will be ordering one “ASAPtually!” I apologize for the background noise. The important part is that you can hear the cast and the positive messages they are sharing with curvy girls around the world.

If you’re a total procrastinator and still want to go to the event, the great news is that tickets are still available. Simply visit to learn more about the exhibit and snag your tix!

Whew!! Between Curvy Closets, C.U.R.V.V, and Reinvention Weekend (hosted by the Melinda F. Emerson Foundation) YCS has had a BUSY weekend! What did you guys do? Be sure to check back for all of the pictures from this weekend’s events.

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