Make-Up Moves: Benefit “They’re Real” Mascara

By Torrey, Makeup Maven

I’d heard many great things about Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara. What prompted me to finally purchase it was my mom’s rave about how good it was. She has fairly thin lashes and asked me several times how to get fuller lashes. I told her about MAC’s prep & prime lash and how good that works. She tried it, but it didn’t work the same for her that it worked for me.

This product, however had the opposite outcome. The Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara is nothing special. I much prefer my drugstore L’Oreal brand of carbon black mascara. It’s not bad, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t run, stays all day, and it’s easy to get off with EVOO. It’s not that good either. I didn’t experience plump, elongated lashes with this mascara. I usually only apply 2 coats of any mascara to get my desired look. After 2 coats, I still didn’t get the results I wanted. I don’t like the wand, it’s very stiff and doesn’t seem to apply much product. Which is why, I’m suspecting, I have to apply more coats to get my desired results. It’s also not as black as I’d like.

For the purpose of this review, one coat is pulling the wand out of the tube and applying all that comes out onto my lashes. Each time I insert the wand into the tube, that’s another coat.

So…at a price point of $23 it’s totally not worth it.
The L’Oreal mascara mentioned above is about $10 from any drugstore and performs better.

Let me know if you’ve tried this mascara and how it worked for you!

Check out the pictures below.