Men’s Style: Style Tips for Layering

By Donte, Men’s Style VIP

One trend that is pretty popular in the fall and winter months is layering.  Anybody can do it and it’s an easy way to put some of your favorite pieces together and wear them all at once.  The trick though, is to make it look effortless (isn’t that always the challenge?).

There are several reasons why people choose to layer and those reasons will affect the way it’s done.  Whether you are choosing to layer for warmth because it’s cold outside, or because you think it’s cool and you want to incorporate it into your personal style, I’m here to offer some tips for creating an effortless layered look.

Layer fabrics appropriately by their position

By position, I mean relative to your body.  I consider Layer 1 to be the “Inner” layer, which is usually an undershirt or t-shirt.  It does not have to be visible.  Since it is the layer that is closest to your body, it should be breathable and comfortable.  This should not be the heaviest layer because you’ll want it to be able to absorb sweat if necessary.

Layer 2 or the “Middle” layer can be heavier than the first layer.  If your inner layer is an undershirt, you’ll want the middle layer to cover it up as much as possible.  Button down and Polo shirts work very well for this layer.

Finally, Layer 3 or the “Outer” layer should be the heaviest fabric.  The outer layer may either be a jacket, sweater, or vest and will be the most visible layer.

Each visible layer should be a potential standalone item

The idea with layering is that you should be able to take off any one layer at a given time and still like and feel comfortable in what you are left wearing. This can be especially important if you are layering for warmth because the temperature of your body or the outside elements may fluctuate. You don’t want to be in a situation where you take your jacket off and everything under it looks a mess! By picking an item you like for each layer, you can avoid that problem.

Edit yourself to one or two accent colors

You’ll want to create your own color story with this look, and layering is a great way to do so because you have several pieces to choose from.  You don’t, however, want your layers to clash and become tacky.  Limiting yourself to one or two accent colors allows you to create a common thread through each layer so that they tie into each other.  The middle layer is a great place to add the biggest pop of color, so experiment with contrasting this layer to your inner and outer layers.

So what do you think?  Is layering for you?  Do you have any tips for creating a great layered look?  Feel free to comment and share your vision.