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By Erika, Resident Fashionista


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In June 2013 I visited the Weave Bar and wrote a review for YCS readers. I ranked them 3 stars out of 5; most of that ranking was because I had a phenomenal stylist. Recently, the Weave Bar has been revamped and is now known as Suite Extensions. I was invited to “visit again and provide [my] viewers with an updated review.” My invitation stated that there was both new décor and updated services. I was finally able to make my way to Suite Extensions yesterday and get the skinny on the company and their services and experience the “Suite Life.”

The 411 (from the Suite Extensions website)

Suite Extensions is the premier salon destination for glamorous extension services at an affordable price. Extension services begin at $50 and there are two locations – one in Philadelphia and one in Norfolk, Virginia.

The Stats

Business: Suite Extensions
Location: 5622 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA (Germantown & Chelten Ave.)
Hours: I’m still not sure. See below.
Service: Extension Removal, Wash, Blow Dry and Style
Stylist: As before, you’ll have to email YCS (info@yourchicisshowing.com) for the details about my stylist. I will say that I was impressed by him and loved being in his chair! And, of course, I would still highly recommend my original stylist.
Important Info: The overall menu of services is much more extensive than the Weave Bar. In addition to sew-in services they offer a variety of advanced extension services and add-ons, natural hair styling services, chemical styling services, and conditioning treatments.

The Nitty Gritty

The website was difficult to navigate and incomplete. There isn’t a separate site/section for the Philly and Norfolk locations – therefore, they make no mention of hours of operation or appointment requirements in either location. When the company was owned and operated as the Weave Bar the website explicitly stated the hours (M-W from 9a-7p are by appointment, Tr – Su from 9a-5p are walk-in only) and requirements (wash and blow dry your own hair, bring two packs of extensions, etc.). The new website doesn’t do any of this. Additionally, there are sections of the site that have no information, specifically the “Pink Label Products” and “Blog” sections. And, the site lacks an “About” area to give you general information and details about the company.

When I called to make my appointment I was told to use the website to make an appointment. When I created an account and tried to book an appointment the service that I wanted – an extension removal – wasn’t even an option. So I ended up calling back and making the appointment over the phone. The person who answered seemed unhappy that I had called to book the appointment and I was unhappy that it took all of that to make an appointment. We were two unhappy campers together.


When I arrived the first thing I wanted to see was the updated décor. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any. I did notice, however, that the salon was much, much cleaner overall. I’m not sure if this was due to the fact that I went on a Tuesday evening (my appointment was at 5pm) and it was a bit slow or because they are much more meticulous about keeping the shop clean. Either way, I was pleased with this. I arrived early and was promptly greeted and ushered to my stylist’s chair. He worked quickly and efficiently and I was pleased with the completed work. He was even really sweet when I kept adding on services (after he blow dried my hair I had zero interest in taming, flat ironing, and styling it myself). My stylist was very funny and sweet and really knew what he was doing. Much like my visits with my first stylist (who is still with the shop) I enjoyed my time in his chair.

Finished Product


Overall, I did not find much difference between the Weave Bar and Suite Extensions. I was expecting a totally different experience and it was much of the same. In fact, booking an appointment was infinitely more difficult this time around. Suite Extensions does have two major pluses:

1. They are significantly less expensive than visiting a salon for sew-in hair extension service and they are much faster.
2. My two stylists (I can’t vouch for all stylists) are awesome. I would still recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone who asked.

Would I Recommend Suite Extensions?

Overall? No. Based on the email to revisit the salon and update my review, I was expecting major, overarching changes and I did not see that. If the only thing that was changed was the name, I would have definitely been inclined to keep my recommendation of “yes” exactly the same. However, the poorly designed website, lack of easily accessible information, and difficulty booking an appointment all led me to change my recommendation to no.

It is important to note, however, that I would 100% recommend BOTH of the stylists that I have used at Suite Extensions. The work that they do has NOTHING to do with how the business is run overall. They are thorough, efficient, skilled, and very, very fun. If you do find yourself heading to Suite Extensions, do yourself a favor and email info@yourchicisshowing.com so I can tell you EXACTLY who I worked with. As I said, they are both phenomenal and you’ll be in excellent hands in their chairs.

Overall Rating (out of 5 stars)


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