Do you guys have a fashion question you want me to answer? Or a make-up technique you want to learn a little more about from Torrey? Dying to know Donte’s fave clothing brands? Or Sara’s favorite hair products? Now you can get your burning questions answered by the YCS team in “Ask YCS!”

We often get questions via Facebook, Twitter, and email from our readers that are worth sharing with everyone. So, inspired by a new service from YCS called “Office Hours*,” I decided to create “Ask YCS.” Every couple of weeks we will answer your burning questions – we’ll cover everything from clothing and accessories to hair and make-up. The video below features our first two “Ask YCS” questions and they came straight from the YCS Launch Party Red Carpet. Check them out!

How can you get your questions answered? Contact us using any if the following methods:

1. Comment on the YCS blog
2. Email us at
3. Tweet your questions to @urchicisshowing
4. Post your questions on Facebook at
5. Leave us an Instagram video by tagging @yourchicisshowing and using the hashtag #askycs

We can’t wait to hear your questions and answer them for you!

Your Chic is Showing,

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*Office Hours: a service of Chic U

Do these shoes match this shirt? What do I wear on a first date? What is appropriate attire for a corporate fundraiser?

Sometimes you may have a fashion question or dilemma that does not require a full styling session, just a quick answer. By booking “Office Hours” you can get that answer to your question, help with your dilemma, brief outfit suggestions, or the second opinion that you need. Office Hours are designed to quickly answer your fashion and style questions and save you time!

Office Hours appointments are booked in 15 minute increments (maximum 45 minutes) or 3 email increments (maximum 9 emails) and are offered via telephone, FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangout, or email. If you are interested in learning more about YCS Office Hours or other styling services offered by YCS, please email