Hearts on Fire

By Alexis, CEO Jr.

On October 16th I went to the Hearts On Fire Media Event and got to see some extraordinary diamonds. Only 1/10th of the world’s diamonds qualify to be Hearts on Fire diamonds, which I think is exceptional. The Hearts On Fire in King of Prussia is only the second domestic retail store. Entering the store I could see that this was going to be a new and fun experience.



Going into the store, I saw there was a table in the center. This is known as the “Community Table” which allows the shoppers and the sales associates to all interact with each other while trying on the jewelry. You feel much more connected this way. There are also eye-level, transparent “Jewel Boxes” instead of those long display cases. There is no longer that awkward over the counter barrier between the sales associate and shopper. These “Jewel Boxes” then slide the jewelry underneath with the push of a button. The whole store is very innovative and shopper friendly with their display screens and awesome technology.





The designer Illaria Lanzoni was also present and she showed me her favorite pieces that were displayed in the middle of the store. The engagement rings are gorgeous and each one has a heart carved into the diamond which makes the designs very unique.



My favorite piece was this necklace from the Believe collection. I thought it was super cute and chic!


This store is beautiful and I highly recommend checking it out, even if you are not looking to buy jewelry. It is a fun experience regardless! If you do see an engagement in your future I would point your significant other to this blog post and the Hearts on Fire website!

Check out their website! www.heartsonfire.com
Phone Number: 1.877.PERFECT (737.3328)

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    1. It was so fun! I loved shopping around the store and feeling equal with the sales associates. It was great not having the barrier of the display cases 🙂

      YCS Alexis

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