Hallmark: A Hidden Gem

By Meghan, Bad Mama Jama

A note from the Editor: Just because Christmas is over that doesn’t mean we’re done shopping!  If you guys are anything like me, you save some of your shopping for after Christmas to catch the awesome sales!  Meghan’s post below shares some of her awesome finds at Hallmark for those last minute gifts you still need to snag!

I decided to write about my top Christmas gifts with a little bit of a twist.  Instead of just picking random items, I decided I would base my likes on a single store, in this case, Hallmark. I know you’re probably thinking “you mean that card store?” or “what could they possibly have for gifts?”  I realize that when most people think of Hallmark, they think of greeting cards, wrapping paper and knick knacks.  Few know that the company has amazing gift ideas for EVERYONE.

For babies/kids/tweens:

I fell in love with this cloud pillow (1) the moment I saw it.  This is great unisex gift idea for the little one’s room and it won’t break the bank ($22).  Each side has a different face and looks adorable on a kid’s bed or chair in their room.  I loved this pillow so much that I gave this as a gift idea to my sister for my daughter’s room.  Toys are so overrated!

Looking for another non-toy gift idea?  This unisex alphabet Bob Kolar print (2) for a child’s room is another great find.    Bob Kolar is an amazing children’s author/illustrator and his work gives a sense of uniqueness, rather than something that is mass produced on your wall.   Only ($29), the print looks like something you would see in a boutique or on Etsy.

Girls, any Wizard of Oz fans out there?  These red sequin slippers (3) are sure to please the Dorothy in you.  They also come in a variety of colors and, since everything else is bedazzled these days, why not make a statement with your feet.

Who isn’t bracelet looming these days!  Hallmark sells a canister of colored bands (4) for the greatest hobby of the season.  The canisters come in a 1,200 count variety of colors for boys or girls and it’s better than buying individual bags of one color, which can easily add up.  Just today, I stopped in Hallmark and the latest sale price on this was $5.

This last pick is for the beauty maven.  Nail Candy pens (5) are a great stocking stuffer or you can buy a couple and make it one gift.  Each dual colored pen is named for a girl with a style story behind it.  Nail Candy’s website offers art lessons and a design studio so you can learn how to create some of the looks.

For adults:

The one thing about me that most people know is that I have a serious sweet tooth.  My absolute favorite food item at Hallmark is Tate’s chocolate chip cookies (6).  These are made in the Hamptons (great entrepreneur story, which I love) and are the best chocolate chip cookies you will ever have.  Add this to a gift basket or give alone and it will be cherished.  And, if you know anyone who loves baking, Hallmark also sells the Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook.

A great accompaniment to the Tate’s cookies, are Hallmark’s chocolates.  I usually give teachers a dozen chocolates for Christmas and I think it says a lot when you hand pick chocolates versus buying the prepackaged kind.

Every winter, Hallmark has an impressive display of wool scarves (7) by David and Young and V. Fraas.  Hello — David and Young scarves are sold by Nordstrom and have been featured in Redbook magazine.  V. Fraas is a German company and market leader in textile accessories.  Who would have thought that Hallmark stores had all these great brands.  I did.

If you have a jewelry lover in the family, Nepal Angel bracelets (8) are the perfect choice.  These fair trade treasures are made by Nepalese women and sold to help their families.  Made from Japanese and Czech beads, each bracelet is hand knitted and is one size fits all.  Wearing a bunch together is the ideal look and they come in beautiful patterns and solids.

There you have it – my top picks for a Merry Hallmark Christmas.