Men’s Style Spotlight: The Bonobos Gift Guide

By Donte, Men’s Style VIP

What do you get for the guy that has everything?  If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, I have a one-word answer for you…Bonobos.  With the holidays quickly approaching, I’m here to let you in on, considerably, the best-kept secret to ease your shopping woes and help you find the perfect gift for a special guy in your life.

Bonobos was started in 2007 by a couple of guys who were searching for better clothing after they couldn’t find pants or shirts that actually fit and hated the hassles of traditional shopping.  They sought to create a greater shopping experience and have evolved into a respected brand for men’s style.  Consumers may shop Bonobos online at, make an appointment at of one of the Guide Shops (if there is one in your area), or even find it in Nordstrom’s.  I would have a hard time endorsing products I haven’t seen or tried myself, so I made an appointment at the guide shop located at the company’s headquarters here in NYC.  Here is a recap of my experience and a breakdown of some of the many items you might want to get for your guy.

When I walked into the shop, I was paired with a guide who took my measurements and picked few items for me to try on.  The guide shops do not carry merchandise for purchase at the store, but they allow you to see all the items in person and order them on the spot (with free shipping!).  I wasn’t able to see any of the accessories because they did not carry them in that guide shop, but the clothes were amazing!  Some of my favorites were:

Gingham print grey shirt (1) – This was the first item I tried on…and I didn’t take it off for a long while.  Not only was it a perfect fit, but it had a slimming effect that I really liked.  There were several color combinations available, but my favorite color is grey, so of course I went with this one.

Grey Henley (2) – This shirt was very comfortable because of the material.  Usually Henley shirts are pretty thin, but this one is more like a sweatshirt.

Pants (3) – The pants at Bonobos run a little bit long, but I like mine that way.  The important aspect was how they fit around the waist.  These pants that I tried on were so comfortable and they passed the “sit test”, meaning I could sit down and they did not pull around the thighs.  Definitely a good investment if you are looking for some pants…and they have them in almost any color to match your style.

Sweaters (4) – There were so many different sweaters in the shop that I could not try them all, but these were my favorite.  The black one is cashmere and is incredibly soft.  I paired that one with a t-shirt and some jeans and it looked great.  The other looked great over the Gingham print shirt (see above) and on its own.

Shoes (5) – It was a snowy day in NYC when I came for my appointment, so I had on boots.  I wasn’t looking for shoes, but I tried on this pair so that I could make sure the length of the pants I tried on were appropriate.  I must say that I was very pleased with how these shoes looked with both jeans and chinos.

There is a lot more to explore at, so feel free to go on and look around to see what you find.  If you find yourself shopping for the guy that has everything, check it out.  I enjoyed my shopping experience and purchased quite a few items.  Mission accomplished.  Good luck!

Details about the items featured can be found on the YCS Polyvore page.

The full Bonobos Gift Guide can be found on their website:

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