How to: Throw a Vision Board Party

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

It’s no secret that I love to throw a good party or get-together at my home a couple times a year.  Just before the New Year began, I decided to have a Vision Board Party – partly because I had hundreds (literally, hundreds) of magazines I was going to toss out and partly because I’d been dying to make my own vision board for quite some time.  I generally don’t make New Year’s Resolutions; however, I do like to set goals for myself.  In prior years I’ve tackled a Nine in ’09, Ten in ’10, etc. (learn more here and here).  This year, I decided to take it a step further, by committing to 20 (yep, 20!) goals – some major, some minor – and to visualize what those goals would look like.

It wasn’t long before I decided to invite some of my favorite girlfriends along for the fun!

Simple and Low-Key

I wanted to keep the party pretty low-key and decided we’d have it potluck-style.  Every guest was asked to bring a dish, dessert, or drink and I provided all of our supplies.  Since I also came up with this idea fairly close to the holiday season (read: super last minute), I sent out a simple Punchbowl invitation online to invite my guests.  We ended up having seven ladies in total, which was perfect because neither my condo nor my tables are that big!


The Set-Up

Ahead of the party, I picked up poster board, markers (washable and permanent), and a few extra pairs of scissors.  Since I’m always doing arts and crafts around the house, I also had glitter, stencils, and paper cutouts on hand.  And, of course, magazines were displayed all over the house.  Most of my magazines are fashion and style magazines (Cosmo, Glamour, InStyle, Bazaar, etc.) but I also had lifestyle (Essence, Ebony, etc.), business (Fast Company), and fitness (Shape, Running Times, etc.) on hand, as well as a few men’s magazines (I love GQ and Esquire).  The ladies also brought over any extra magazines they wanted to get rid of too!  It’s best to have a variety of magazines to use since everyone will have a variety of goals.




Let the Fun Begin!

Upon arrival everyone helped themselves to some food, wine, and yummy apple cider (thanks Veronica!) and then we got down to the business of creating our vision boards.  For those of you wondering, “what exactly is a vision board?” this explanation may help.

A Vision Board is a collage of magazine cut-outs, pictures, phrases, and words that represent the kind of life we want to live in the future. This could include fitness levels, professional success, travel, cars, homes, experiences, etc.

You’re simply putting visuals to the things you want to achieve and accomplish.  If you think you’ll have trouble coming up with a list on the spot, you can do like I did and prepare a list ahead of time.  I found this to be very helpful because I wasn’t stressing about what I want to accomplish AND it focused my search for images to represent my goals.



Curious about my 20 goals (there are actually 21)?  I thought you might be, so here they are:

  1. Be content – what I have and who I am is enough.
  2. $20,000 in gross revenue from YCS (I know – it scares me too!)
  3. Learn to sew.  For real this time.
  4. Be open to romantic love from different places and make my dating life a priority.
  5. Go on a financial diet to: increase my savings (following the 52-week plan), pay off credit cards, and add on extra principal-only mortgage payment in 2014.
  6. Take a solo vacation.
  7. Log more face time (in-person or via Skype/FaceTime) with my family and close friends, especially those who are local.
  8. Commit to a completely Paleo lifestyle & diet for 90 days.
  9. Join at least one ministry at church (done and done!).
  10. Enroll in the event planner certification program at Temple University (because, hey, I don’t already have enough going on!)
  11. Start a gratitude journal and add one thing I am grateful for each day.
  12. Complete one 5K and one 10K race.
  13. Pray more and worry less.
  14. Take YCS blog daily (eek!) and generate income from the blog.
  15. 2nd bedroom completely redecorated (yes, this has been on my list for the last 3 or 4 years . . . no judging!)
  16. Have more fun and do what makes me happy!
  17. Learn to love my body at exactly the state it is in.
  18. Develop my personal mantra and recite it daily.
  19. Be fearless and brave.
  20. Write my personal and professional 1, 3, 5, and 10-year plan.
  21. Be a featured speaker at one conference or large-scale event.

There is no right or wrong way to design your vision board.  I’m a pretty neat and methodical person, so I took into account image spacing, layering, etc.  But, you could just color and glue away.  The beauty of this activity is that you can do whatever makes your heart happy!

The Finished Product


Everybody didn’t finish their vision boards at my party – which is to be expected.  So let your guests take home any magazines (and leftover food) they want to finish their boards.  Once my board was completed, I decided to hang it right on my closet door so that it is one of the last things I see before I go to sleep and one of the first things I see when I wake up.

Generally, throwing a get together at home can be a hassle, but this was one of the fastest, easiest parties I’ve ever thrown!  You don’t have to wait until January 2015 to throw your own party – gather some of your best good friends and hop to it right now!


Do you have a 2014 vision board?  Thinking about creating one?  Have any questions?  Share below!

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