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By Erika, Resident Fashionista

No stylish person is an island – though some might pretend they are.  Most truly stylish people will readily admit that other things inspire their fashion – celebrities, art, nature, other stylish people, Pinterest (especially Pinterest), etc.  I am no different.  I find inspiration for outfits and ideas all around me.  From my friends, fellow bloggers, pretty prints or patterns, or just a color I love.  I get a ton of inspiration from the various Instagram accounts I follow.  Some or my favorite fellow bloggers, others are my favorite brands, and some are just really cool photographers.

Below is a list of my favorite Instagram accounts.  Take a moment to check them out, and if you love what you see, follow them!

Grown and Curvy Woman (@grownandcurvywoman)
Georgette of has become a friend of mine in the last year and I truly admire her style and fashion prowess.  She never shies away fron bold colors or strong patterns, and they look AMAZING on her!  She always wears the most beautiful, full skirts I have ever seen.  She makes them look so good I recently went out and bought one of my own!



Images courtesy of Georgette (@grownandcurvywoman) and Instagram

American Gentleman Magazine (@americangentmag)This account is great for any stylish man to follow.  Well tailored pieces, the latest styles, and classic cool are the stars here.  I get a TON of my menswear inspired looks from this account.  I’m even contemplating copping a pair of cufflinks because, well, I can!

Kelly Lee (@kellygolightly)
Kelly ( has a fashion and lifestyle blog that is as chic and sophisticated as the character that inspired her blog’s name.  Her style is chic, sweet, classy, vintage, and very girly.  I love how she takes California cool to another level.

Emily Schuman/Cupcakes and Cashmere (@emilyschuman)I have been a fan of Cupcakes and Cashmere ( for a very long time.  Everything that make’s Emily’s blog great is translated to her Instagram account.  It’s ultra chic and ultra person all at the same time.

Plain Elain (@msplainelain)
You can thank YCS Alexis for the discovery of Plain Elain (  She met them at a fashion event in the fall and I’ve been obsessing over their stuff ever since.  You might also recognize them as a sponsor for the YCS Launch Party.  The Instagram account regularly showcases their beautiful head pieces and I regularly find myself wishing to add them to my collection!

Vogue Magazine (@voguemagazine)
No explanation is really necessary.  It’s Vogue.  Everything and anything fashion is covered here, just like in the iconic magazine.  Except, it’s all real-time.

J Crew (@jcrew)
Because duh, J Crew is one of my most favorites ever!



Images courtesy of @jcrew on Instagram

Lupita N’Yongo (@lupitanyongo)
You have to be living under a rock to have missed the waves Ms. Lupita is making on movie screens and red carpets alike!  She is a fashion muse, flawless skin goddess, and all around inspiration.  Girlfriend can ACT and she’s got style and sophistication oozing from her very being.  Follow her account – it’s well worth it!

Jethro Mullin (@jethromullin)I just love the photographs this CNN Reports, based out of Hong Kong, shares.  They’re vibrant, colorful, piercing, and beautiful.  Some pictures are worth 1000 words.  These are worth a million.

Thomas K (@thomas_k)
I totally dig the street photography found on this Instagram feed.  He can make something as simple as a street lamp look absolutely breathtaking.  The black and white photos are simply stunning.

So, what accounts do you guys follow?  Where do you get your inspiration from?  Also – if we aren’t following you, share you Instagram name and we’ll be sure to check you out!

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