YCS Style Diary: Uniformity

By Erika, Resident Fashionista


If you follow YCS on Instagram then the outfit featured in today’s YCS Style diary post will look familiar. On Sunday, I waxed poetic about how it’s ok to have a style uniform and I mentioned that mine is black and white. I can come up with infinite ways to wear it and it will never get old to me. Once you have your “style uniform” aka “go to look” you can make sure to add interest and depth by doing thinks like mixing fabrics, patterns, textures, and styles.


Black and white takes on an interesting feel when you mix chiffon with leather or stripes with dots. Just because your go to look is easy doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


The great thing about your style “uniform” is that it can speak completely to your personal style. I like black and white because it is classic, simple, and sophisticated. It’s hard to get it wrong and I always feel put together when I wear it. You want your uni to make you feel your best. That’s really the only requirement!


Sweater & Pants: Roz & Ali for Dressbarn I Clutch: Nneka Saran I Shoes: Nine West I Scarf & Ring: My Own (from Puerto Rico + Paris, respectively)

So, what’s your style uniform?

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