Valentine's Week on YCS: Men's Style – Look Great For Your Valentine's Day Date

By Donte’, Men’s Style VIP

Valentines Day is this week.  For some fortunate souls, that means it will be date night.  Whether it will be a first date or you’ve been dating a while, VIP is here to give you some tips on how to look great for your date.

What you wear on a date can influence both the conversation and feeling of the date.  That’s because your clothes are typically a reflection of your inner self and your emotions.  I’ll break down how you can apply this concept to both a first date or to a later date.

First Date
Your first date is an opportunity for you to give the other person a different impression of what she might expect from you.  For instance, if she knows your job is more white-collar and requires a suit and tie, dressing more laid-back and casual will show a more relaxed and comfortable side of you.  If she knows your job is more blue-collar, dressing in a suit and tie can show her that you clean up well and gives off a more serious vibe.

Later Date
If you’ve been dating / married for a while, clearly you’ve already made your first impression and your Valentines Day date will have different implications.  She already knows you, so try dressing according to what you want her to notice about you and in something that’s appropriate for the occasion.  If you’ve been working out, wear something that shows off your body and that has a little tighter fit.  If you haven’t, wear something that hides those imperfections, such as a button down and a blazer.  It’s all about creating a fantasy and being your special lady’s “eye candy” for the night.

What will you be wearing on your Valentines Day date this year?  Feel free to share your tips for a great date night outfit and I hope your night is filled with lots of love…whatever form that may take ;-).