Valentine's Week on YCS: YCS Hair – 3 Fun Styles for Any Valentine

By Sara, Hair Goddess

When it comes to V-Day style, clothes get all the love. But it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to spice up your look for a LTR date, impress that newbie love, or have a fabulous time with friends, there’s no excuse not to gussy up your hair. So without further adieu, I present five options for any Valentine, even if your Valentine is you! XOXO!

Fun: The Super Easy Hair Bow Bun

You’ve got the red, pink, hearts, polka dots, and stripes. So why not top it all off with an adorable bow?

For medium to long hair (doesn’t have to be stretched as long as you can put it in a ponytail with enough hair left over to work with)

A variation for dreads or Marley/box braids/twists

If you’re in the growth stages after a Big Chop, your hair might be too short for a ponytail. Why not try a turban wrap bow instead? Although longer hair is shown in the video, this can easily be adapted to your favorite short style! (starts at 2:45)

Sophisticated: The Pompadour, or The Janelle Monae

Nothing like an updo for an upscale date. Break out of the ballerina bun boredom while still looking gorgeous and polished. Janelle Monae brought it back, so add your own flair to this retro style.

For medium to long hair (again, just make sure you have enough for a pony + leftovers to style)

For short hair, a flat twist pompadour! This also works for dreads and Marley/box braids/twists, just skip to 2:15 to get to styling. Can’t do a flat twist (no worries, I haven’t mastered it yet either), just do regular two-strand twists and sweep them up on the sides.

For very short hair, a scarf-style pompadour

(the first 2 minutes)

Sexy: Big Bouncy Curls (No Heat Needed)

Maybe you always rock the natural, or you’ve been wearing your hair up recently. Bouncy curls are always sure to cause a double-take. Even better, there’s no heat required to get this look so you don’t have to worry about damaging your curl pattern.

All hair lengths, except very short. I recommend using the largest rod size your hair can accommodate.

A rod set on short hair