YCS Projects: Custom Closet Renovation

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

I often joke that because my family moved a lot as a kid I have the urge to renovate a new area of my house every couple of years.  It is certainly cheaper than moving and allows for me to make calculated upgrades instead of spending tons of money to do everything at once.  For example, in 2012 I changed the flooring, and last year I repainted the dining room.  One weekend a few years ago I repainted my entire bathroom while snowed in.  The point is, I love making my space more “me” every chance I get.

My latest project was a renovation of my walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  If you know me, you know I’ve been talking about this project for AGES!  The idea came to me at the end of last year when I planned to install a new closet system myself (well, with the help of Rob, who not only shoots YCS photos but is also quite handy!).  However, upon the recommendation of a good friend, I brought in Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets (ACC&C) to complete the installation.

Although I have a walk-in closet, it is not terribly large.  And, with only one hanging rack and one shelf on each wall the space was very limited.  I needed a space that would increase my hanging space and, most importantly, accommodate my growing shoe collection!  Gene, of ACC&C,came to meet me at my home, discuss my needs, and draw up a custom closet that met all of my needs.  If I wasn’t sold on hiring them before, I was after I saw the shoe wall!!

Rescheduling from the snow notwithstanding (silly snow!!!), working with ACC&C was incredibly easy and the closet installation only took a couple of hours one Sunday afternoon.  The result, is a space that I love so much I’m tempted to sleep there!  By adding double hanging racks we increased the hanging space in the closet and we increased the shelf space as well.  And, in addition to shoe shelving we also added drawers, including a jewelry drawer, and shelves to house my favorite handbags.

The closet isn’t completely finished yet – I am still having a chandelier (yes, chandelier!) installed.  However, I wanted to share the (nearly) finished product with you all! The photos below shoe the entire process, and I’ll share some tips I used to organize the new closet.


My closet was fairly neat; however, it lacked a lot of storage space and was definitely overflowing with clothes and shoes.





Closet Prep

When I removed all of my clothing from the closet (and it ALL took over my living room for several weeks) I took the opportunity to sort through everything and ended up donating about 4 boxes (I know!) of clothing, shoes, and accessories to charity.  I also have two boxes full of items to sell – all of which will be available to blog readers soon.


Skirts, shoes, and leggings, oh my!


So what even started this whole project?  Well, one morning, I woke up and my clothes were on the floor.  This broken shelf was the culprit.  It was a sign that I needed to a) get rid of some clothes and b) upgrade my closet!   Well, it was mostly a sign of “a.”  Here is what my empty (and broken closet) looked like after I emptied it.  And, I had no idea how badly my closet carpet needed to be cleaned!!


Rob came over and helped (ok, did all of the work) knock out the shelves and then helped patch up holes in the wall.  After that was done, I painted everything white to match the new closet.







I did a couple of DIY projects to get the closet ready for my things.  One project was to line the shoe shelves with kitchen shelf liner to protect it from dirt that might be on the soles of the shoes.  I simply measured the shelves, cut the liner, and installed with re-useable double-sided tape (the kind you can use to hang picture frames with).  It was a really simple project that will help protect the shoe shelves.




Finished Product

Below are pictures of the finished product (minus my chandelier).  I exchanged my random smattering of hangers for slim, uniform hangers which save space and have a sleek look.  Everything remains color coordinated (Roy G. Biv, ya’ll!) and sectioned off by clothing type.

Save for a few pairs of shoes that I chose to keep in boxes, all of my shoes are on the shoe wall or shoe shelves.  And, many of my handbags have a home in the new closet as well!  To reach the top shelves I purchased a collapsible step-stool that is easily hidden from sight.

Without further adieu, here is the finished product!










If you are interested in contacting ACC&C to install your closet, please visit their website http://www.advancedcustomcabinetsandclosets.com/.

And, of course, if you have any questions, you know how to find me!

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Photo credit: Rob Bergsted

11 thoughts on “YCS Projects: Custom Closet Renovation

  1. Today’s post was close to my heart. I just completely cleaned out my closet a few days ago, donated boxes of clothes, and replaced my hangers w/ black felt hangers. That alone made the closet more uniform and manageable. Plus, the felt hangers protect your clothes (especially sweaters and blouses) WAY better than plastic or wire hangers. Definitely worth the investment!!!

    1. Totally agreed and an excellent point about protecting your clothing!! They also make those stupid hangy strings (yep, that’s the technical term) inside your clothes completely unnecessary. One of the first things I did was cut them out of my clothes when re-hanging!

  2. Ahhh so jealous! #dreamcloset! It looks great! Enjoy, and thanks for sharing! P.S. When can I come over and try on all of your shoes?! kthanx! lol 😉
    XO, Briana

  3. That closet is lookin good!!! I got a closet-gasm reading about this 🙂 Congrats on the transformation, you really did an amazing job working with the designer and making sure it was a system that truly reflects your style needs (love the shoe wall – what sexy shoes! I feel like you need music playing in the background when you walk into that room). Post another pic when you get the chandelier up – love that idea too! Your rug is pretty as well. Thanks for sharing this with us all – I truly enjoyed all the pics and how organized the finished product is – would love to see it in person!

    1. Girlfriend come one over!! You are welcome any time!!!! And I’ll definitely share chandelier pics. Hope we can get together soon. I was just telling someone the other day how fabulous you are!

  4. The closet looks great. I am jealous of anyone with a walk in closet. My house was built before that existed. LOL I will be double jealous whefn you put in the chandelier.

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