A Different View: Fashion in Florida

By Kiari, Wanderlust Fashionista

Keep it up fashionista! Show ‘em what you got fashionista! … Uhm, It’s a little cold fashionista …

How do you keep your style flowing when you live in crazy, ever-changing weather? I don’t mean it’s hot one season and cold the next. I mean it goes from raining one hour, to humid the next, to scalding hot, to being misty. Well, as a Florida girl, I have your answer!

When it comes time to consider which garments you’re going to pull out of your closet, or drawers in my case (I’m bad at hanging clothes), think of an outfit that can suit all weather conditions but will also keep you comfortable. I have an example for you below:


Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 8.06.27 PM


Let’s start from top to bottom!

Hair: I believe sometimes your hair and anything you wear on it can be your best accessory. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with full head turbans, headband turbans, and head wraps! Now, remember I mentioned humidity? How can you be cute with frizzy hair? … You can’t be! So I decided to rock a tri-color, patterned scarf to not only keep my hair in place but also as a great accessory to pair with a casual, fun outfit! Not to mention, I’m natural and I’d hate for me to look like a poodle before I even stepped into my happy hour destination.

Top: My top is actually a hi –lo rectangular hem sweater that I purchased from Agaci. The color was neutral, perfect for late fall, and it matched one of the three colors in the scarf; I thought it would be great to bring the outfit together. I like my sweaters to be loose fitting – it’s more versatile! This sweater also came in handy because, once again, the crazy weather gave me chills due to the wind.

Bottoms: These are actually pants that I rolled up twice to give more of a spring feel. I think the olive green allowed the focus to be more on the sweater and the headscarf. I believe you should always pair an oversized sweater with form fitting bottoms to give it more of a feminine look.

And lastly, Accessories: I like to consider my shoes, purse, and jewelry accessory pieces because they can ultimately make or break an outfit. I wanted to tie in colors so I decided to wear sand colored lace up sandals, with the same color purse and an ivory and gold bracelet. These colors complimented the warm humid weather. Not too much, not too little. Just enough. The bootie type sandals were great because although it was a tad windy, the shoes protected most of my feet. The open toe gave me a little grown-woman sas!

There you have it – how to dress in this insane, almost spring but it’s still fall weather in Florida. What about where you live; what’s your what-to-wear fashion view?