YCS Guide to Spring: Make-up Moves

By Torrey, Make-up Maven

Depending on where you are in the country, it may or may not look like spring is coming. Regardless of the weather, spring is here! It’s time to bring out your brighter colors and pastels!

To transition your winter look to a spring look, as always it only takes a few steps. First, put away your dark, vampy lipsticks and bring out your pinks, purples, oranges, and corals! And remember, we’re coming into the time of year where bright looking, glowy skin is in – so those bronzers and illuminators will be put to use.

Here are a few pictures for lip inspiration and I’ll tell you how to get that gorgeous glow!


Top left, clockwise:

1. Bring in the organge. The lip I’m wearing in Morange lipstick by MAC and Mahogany lip liner by MAC. If you don’t want to go this bold, tone down the lipstick with a brown or other skin-toned colored lip liner.

2. Bright, brighter, brightest! This lipstick is Candy Yum Yum by MAC, which is known for its “in your face” bright color. Perfect for a night out, but can also be toned down. Don’t forget to use our lip lining techniques and visit my past bright lips tutorial for tips on how to get them just right!

3. Get that glowy skin. After applying your contour and blush, go back in with an illuminating bronzer or lightly colored shimmery blush on the tops of your cheeks, just above the blush to accentuate your cheek bones and instantly bring light to your face. Highlighting with an illuminating bronzer will give you the most beautiful glow. Also highlight the bridge of your nose, forehead, Cupid’s bow, and chin. Opt for a soft pastel pink with this glowy look. Here I am wearing Angel lipstick by MAC. Get details about how to apply foundation, highlighter, and bronzer in part one and two of our foundation tutorial!

4. Try a softer pink. This pink is suitable for day or night. Go with MAC’s Pink Nouveau to brighten up any spring day.


Top left, clockwise:

1. Coral! When matchy-matchy makeup goes right! This is one color that can be worn on the lips and cheeks. A light dusting of a coral blush goes perfectly with a bright bold coral lip.

2. Get creative with those eyes. Play around with color! Go for the orange or lavender or even yellow eyeshadow. The key to any look is blending. You can use any color you desire, just remember to blend!

3. More orange! This has to be one of my favorite lipsticks, period. Unfortunately it’s limited edition :(. But orange, like coral, can be worn on the lips and cheeks simultaneously.

4. Peach. Grab a peachy blush or lipstick and have at it! Peach is perfect for spring and summer.

Finally, as it gets warmer, remember that you can ditch the heavy foundations and opt for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Cream blushes are also great as they’re long wearing and can stand the heat.

Post pictures of your spring looks and remember to tag us on Instagram @yourchicisshowing!