YCS Guide to Spring: Tips & Trends for Spring Hair

By Sara, Hair Goddess

Hi Curlies,

Let loose from your box braids, Marley twists and other protective styles and have fun this spring! I’m seeing big bouncy hair, heatless blowouts, curly bangs to get us out of our winter slump!
Big ‘N Bouncy

My current go to for big hair is Marc Anthony’s Curl Envy Cream with a touch of argan oil (your favorite drug store brand works). Blow dry upside down without the defuser until 90% dry, and then shake vigorously. Don’t be afraid to put your hands in your hair ladies! Let it air dry the rest of the way, and then shake again. The longer you wear this style the better, so skip the mid-week cowash and go for 4 or 5 days. Plus since we’re blowdrying so much, the less often you do it the better. Mind the heat! I also love Big Curls Lightweight Curl Creme by Samy.


Caption: Here I am rocking a 3 day wash n go. It’s a bit on the frizzy side, but completely captures big and bouncy. Plus, I’m (finally) loving my bang length. When straight, these are cut to about chin length.

Curly Bangs

I won’t lie, bangs are tough with curly hair. Most salons still cut our hair straight, so it’s hard to tell how our curl patterns will react or what kind of shrinkage we’ll get. The safest bet is to start longer than you think, and trim a little at a time. When I first cut mine, I had the stylist go to cheek bone length, and wound up with bangs above my eyebrows. A few months of serious fluffing saved me from total embarrassment, but always err on the conservative side. Remember, you can cut more, but you have to wait months for them to grow out!

Heatless Blowouts

No reason to stress your tresses with excess heat, so why not stretch your hair the heatless way? Few people give a tutorial better than Taren Guy, so I’ll let her take it away:

And don’t forget to spice up your spring look with fun accessories too. Get creative by turning broaches into hair pins, try a new type of hat (I should take my own advice, I rarely wear hats). Or use a lightly scented spray to add some spring flavor. Moisturize and enlighten your olfactory at the same time with any of The Juices from Oyin Handmade. My all time fave is Juices & Berries

Happy spring styling!

YCS Sara