YCS Guide to Spring: Step Out in Style

By Guest Blogger, Regina


Hey Everyone!

I’m Regina- a college buddy of YCS’ own Erika, a working New York mom and a self admitted (I mean, we have to be real with ourselves, right?) shoe addict. This weather is teasing us a bit but we’re so close to saying goodbye to this year’s brutal winter and getting a taste of the gorgeous spring to come. Naturally, that made me think of shoes. With a new season, new shoes are almost mandatory and, honestly, after wearing snow boots for what feels like forever, who isn’t ready to pull out all the stops? So, just for you, I’ve done a little research and listed 3 of the top spring footwear styles for the ladies.

First up we have the stacked heel bootie. These were all the rage last fall and it looks like they’re sticking around. And this, I wholeheartedly support. These booties are literally perfect for almost any occasion or outfit. The heels go anywhere from 1 ¼ to around 3 inches making them super easy to walk in all day/night without any, or too much for you flat lovers, discomfort. They come in leather and suede, with a western style, conservative leather design or biker chic with buckles and straps. As far as outfits to pair them with, your possibilities are truly endless! Slacks with a cute top and blazer for work, a floral dress with a denim shirt for your Saturday around town, or skinny jeans and an oversized top for Sunday Funday. Either way, you can’t lose with these babies.

Yuri by Dolce Vita ($130, via www.piperlime.com)

Yoko by Belle by Sigerson Morrison ($295, via www.piperlime.com)

Next are 2-piece shoes. This immediately makes me think of Popeye’s but I’m pushing that completely out of my mind. These are pointy-toed shoes, flat or heeled, with either a closed front and back or open back and ankle strap. The flats are a classy twist on the usual suspects- smoking shoes, oxfords, ballet flats, etc. They’re a little dressier so they can definitely be your comfy go-to for church on a spring Sunday but can still be worn with casual outfits like skinnies, a tank top and an open button down. The heels range from your typical pointy-toed pumps to edgy wrapped ankle deals. There’s so much to choose from, I would definitely recommend adding a pair of these to your collection.

Brina by Sam Edelman ($110, via www.piperlime.com)

Ceriwiel by Aldo ($90, via www.piperlime.com)

Lastly, for some reason, gladiators are back. I’m not sure how I feel about this one; but, I’m here for the people and some of you may love them. These sandals can be flat with just one or two straps across the foot or go hard with straps all the way up to your knee. It all depends on how Roman you want to get with it, you know? Heeled gladiator sandals are a little tamer, normally with an open toe and 4-5 straps across the foot with heel heights ranging from 1 1/2 to 5 inches. These, like the others mentioned, can be worn with multiple outfits but the intense gladiators to the knee would be best with a super flowy maxi dress or denim cutoffs and a vintage graphic tee.

Gladiator by Stuart Weitzman ($398, via www.piperlime.com)

Vachel by Sigerson Morrison ($450, via www.piperlime.com)

Well, that’s all I have for now. Check back in a bit to see what I have for the men because the fellas need love too. Happy shoe shopping!