YCS Style Diary: Mixed Messages

By Erika, Resident Fashionista

Editor’s Note: While YCS gets back in the groove and we continue our hunt for an intern we’re going to scale back our posting schedule. But don’t worry, we’re still bringing you all the goodness. Stick with us!!

The thing about spring, at least here in Philly, is that the weather sends us all sorts of mixed messages. One day, it’s 40 degrees and rainy, the next it is 90 degrees and humid as all “get out!” I know it’s May, but the weather here continues to act a complete fool!! It makes it hard to want to put away all of your winter stuff because you still may need it.

This presents the perfect opportunity for some fun, springtime experimenting. If the weather can send mixed messages then so can my wardrobe! The two looks shared today not only mix spring/summer and fall/winter clothing, they also mix a variety of materials including wool, leather, sequins, and chiffon. These looks are a fun way to spice up your wardrobe and embrace whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

The sweater featured in the first look is one of my favorites in the winter.  It is a lightweight wool, striped, navy sweater from J Crew.  I love it so much because the bejeweled Peter Pan means that I don’t have to do too much in the way of jewelry. It works casually with a pair of jeans or can be dressed up, with a  hi-lo skirt, for example.


Sweater: J Crew I Skirt: Converse for Target


Bag: Relic (sold at JC Penney) I Shoes: Steve Madden

A few choice pieces of jewelry are all I need to complete the outfit.  The ring and bracelet were both gifts and they add the perfect feminine finish to the look.


I will be the first one to tell you that I think sequins are appropriate for both day and night.  I even have a nightgown and beach cover-up that are both complete with sequins.  Pretty much, they should be worn as often as possible!  The thing I really love about the look below is that you can juxtapose a completely unexpected fabric against the sequins and get a truly amazing outfit.  I paired my sequined Express top with both leather and faux fur and loved the results!


Jacket: Avenue I Shirt: Express I Skirt: Style & Co. (sold at Macy’s) I Shoes: Steve Madden I Earrings: So Good Jewelry


Vest: Dressbarn I Ring: H&M

Even the back of the jacket has an unexpected twist.  It’s cut asymmetrically, and is shorter in the back and longer in the front.  It balances out the proportions of the hi-lo skirt which is longer in the back and shorter in the front.  It is a tiny little detail that brings balance and continuity to the outfit.


Remember to choose bright, spring-like colors when you’re mixing your cold weather clothing with warmer weather clothing.  Fabrics that are clearly designed for spring – like the chiffon on my skirts or the canvas on the wedges – will also make balancing your fall/winter pieces easier.  Finally, opt for layers so you can ditch your jacket or sweater if you become hot.  After all, we know the day could start at 40 degrees and end at 90!

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